Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Catching up on my photos

I made these pieces in late Jan, early Feb, right when I started to have all the computer problems, so I didn't get much chance to blog about them then.

The necklace on the left, if you look closely, has a little girl peeking out of the keyhole.  That little girl is... I have no idea.  A couple of years ago I bought a jewelry lot, in a actual jewelry box, and this beautiful little girl was in it.  The picture was actually cut up, only have this girl in it, about 2/3rd of the picture was missing.. it looked like 2-3 people were missing.  In my head I make up stories about this, Why was the photo cut up? Who's missing? Why did it get left in a jewelry box with a bunch of costume jewelry?  What was her name? Was the jewelry hers or her mom's or what?

I think this sliver of  a photograph was as intriguing to me as all the jewelry in the lot!

I always knew it would end up in one of my pieces -- so when I was making this necklace I knew I needed someone to peek out of it.. and I remember this girl.

The bracelet in the middle are all wheat pennies, carefully wire wrapped into a charm bracelet.  (Penny for your thoughts!  Hey, maybe the girls name is Penny?? ) I bought the pennies at a flea market in AZ during our trip last summer.

The last is a clock gear with a Egyptian scarab on it.  I used new old stock vintage chain on this one, love that chain!

Monday, March 20, 2017

I'm back!! with pictures...... recent watch buy

 Computer issues suck.  I've been suffering problems for probably close to 2 months, but the last month has been impossible... the computer would work for maybe 20 minutes at a time, and then die on me.  It would take an hour to reboot and get it going again.  I finally found a local place and got it fixed... by buying a new hard-drive.

They recovered most of my data, and loaded a slightly newer version of windows for me, so I've been working hard the last few days reloading software, checking my back ups and getting things going again.

This is part of the reason my blogging has been so very spotty.  Sure I had my Ipad but honestly the blogger app doesn't work that well on it either... so it just seemed better to wait.  Besides it's my winter break ...  my time to recharge and refresh.

However, I'm gearing up (hehehehehehehe) for the summer shows, so well, I'll try to be more faithful about my blog.  I actually enjoy sharing pics and process and just random thoughts, so I'm actually really glad I can get back into the swing of things.
Kas is trying to help me, I think... 

To celebrate my computer is back, here are pictures showing a recent flea market buy, of over 100 watches to make into jewelry.

 So here is Jerry working hard, taking apart the watch cases, carefully prying off the faces.  Since the best of these will become watch movement rings, I don't want to take apart the actual movements yet.
While the watches above are not being broken down, here's me sorting pocket watch gears after they are taken completely apart.  I make tons of watch part earrings, so I spend a chunk of time each winter sorting like a mad woman, so I have pairs.
Can you spot the pairs? 

Can you spot them here? 
Seriously , it take some major time to find matches , or close enough matches.  But only the best for my customers!!

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Key necklaces and semi-random thoughts.

basic old key all dressed up to go to an Egyptian Party!
It's been a long long long couple of weeks... yet another cold, this one got bad, with a side of sinus infection and Asthma complications.  It's just seems the last 2 years I'm getting sick again and again, every 2 to 3 months, and I'm dead tired of it.  It's such a waste of time, and it sucks all my energy.. and I'm whining.  OK done with that.

Next week is my mostly Annual Girls Weekend Trip! this one has a kicker.. the hubby is coming with.  He's planning to Hang with the guys mostly, so I guess we will see how it goes.  he says he needs a vacation too, hard to argue that one.
Vintage key, some paperwork, old token and pearl.  This has a different vibe that most of my work, but I like it 

I'm having a hard time dealing with having that guy as prez.  I seriously want our Country to be OK, but every time I hear his voice I just cringe, and I doubt.  I seriously think anti-depressants are gonna be at a all time high in 4 years time.  Good investment maybe?

I haven't been making much jewelry the last few weeks ( see the sick part) but I have been dreaming!  I only remember fragments, but just maybe I can get one or 2 to pan out.  I keep thinking about a gal running through the woods, only the trees are not trees but giant, half melted/battered fiber conduits.  I keep having dreams with this recurring image.  I think it's art... I think I can make it art?  It's probably all the free form anxiety I have right now about life in general, and work and everything.   The gal running is all in white of course.  couldn't be a proper techno-Gothic dream otherwise.

It's also possible I'm overtaking my cold meds.

The wild Tiger population is recovering according to my Hubby.  He wanted to get in the random thoughts .

My blogging will probably be spotting for a few weeks -- I'll promise to be more faithful after my trip!

Love hugs and peace y'all .

Thursday, February 9, 2017

Works in progress

Just a few things on my back burner that I'm working on...
I really like where this is going, but I wanted to add color to the butterfly, cause in my head it's like almost a "bow" the gal is wearing.  I've got a great patina on the insect now, and I'm hoping to get back to this one this weekend.

This old knife is hollow --- Jerry has cut it now, and I've cleaned up the edges.. so now it's sort of a giant bead.  Not sure what I'm gonna do with it yet... 

I mostly need to add chain to this, and complete the bracelet.  I put the last coat of sealant on it today, so maybe this will get finished this weekend as well

OK this one I got done last weekend!  but I wanted to share the in progress pic

Monday, February 6, 2017

Heart Gear Necklace

This recent piece seems very appropriate for the upcoming holiday! The very kewl cog/gear thingie is from a old 1940's adding machine.  I added it to the heart base ( after I added patina to it) and topped it with this fab vintage crystal.  I think I'll call it "Heart of the Machine"

Sunday, February 5, 2017

Elegant steampunk

I'm more in the elegant mood of late.  You know, smaller pieces that can go with anything, not heavy, have easy lines.  Here's 2 recent necklaces I made that I think shouts out "elegance" but still has the steampunk flair to it.

The first necklace is old drawer hardware, that I made into a clasp in front with a dangling black chandelier crystal.

I think this look could go really classy!

My second example is a old clock gear, just over an inch across, with a Victorian bird motif and a vintage sapphire crystal hanging off of it.

I added a few accent crystals and I used the really delicate cog chain I have.  I love how this turned out and I'm seriously thinking necklace # 2 might become a "mine!"  I might dig around the stash a make a few more of these and "steal" one for myself.  It's based off a necklace I made for my bestie who is more of a bracelet and earring gal, so when I made her steampunk I wanted something that was not as heavy  for her. She told me she loves it, so maybe making one for myself so we can "match" would be fun.....

Wednesday, February 1, 2017

The Angel and Devil sitting on your shoulder......

Charge it! or not... Earrings
You know how it is, you see something you want to buy, and the little devil tells you, it's ok, go ahead... you deserve a treat.  The Angel reminds you the rent is due.

Go with the Devil.... hehehehe!

Monday, January 30, 2017

Rosary Bracelets

A recent lot of older jewelry I bought had a bunch of catholic charms and broken up rosaries.. So I made charm bracelets with them.  I added vintage wrapped pearls as well.   Also I wanted to share me wearing the sorting hat from Five Monkeys Inc Gallery.  Gryffindor, of course!!

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Playing with the Camera Phone

I took this during my very last event in 2016, which was at Five Monkeys, Inc Gallery here in Des Moines.  It's the panorama setting on my Iphone - just goofing off.

It's amazing how far technology keeps going.  5 years ago you couldn't do this with a phone.... 10 years ago you maybe could do with a digital camera - a really fancy shmancy one.  Now you do it on your phone.  I have to wonder how camera sells are nowadays.. unless you are a really serious about photography, you just use your phone.   I imagine really high end ones are doing middlin' OK, but the mass consumer market has to be dead dead dead.

We have cut up a few old cameras in search of parts for jewelry, but most of them have very little in the way of moving parts... heck, the old box cameras are mostly air and mirrors.

And now it's all computer chips.

We bought a video camera back in 1996 with the birth of our child.  The thing had to weigh 10 lbs or more, and was the size of a Nike shoe box.

Now you can do more with your phone than we could with that video camera.

That old video camera BTW, got taken apart and recycled into jewelry a couple of years ago.