Thursday, July 5, 2018

Farmer's Market this Weekend!

You know, it's been really really hot lately, so hot that it's been hard to work in the studio.  Our house doesn't have central air, and I don't have heating up in the studio... I make due with window units, oil heaters, and fans during temperature extremes.  Regretfully, in this 95-102 degree weather, I sweat like a pig and take air-conditioning breaks.  My bedroom window unit is fantastic, so 10-15 minute cooling breaks make it slightly more do-able.   So this pic is me hanging out with my beady buddy Kya, both of us enjoying the waves of cool air traveling over our bodies.   Some days I feel like moving my studio into my bedroom!! 

It looks like the heat broke finally.. it's still in the high 80's today but it's not quite as humid... right now the weather for Saturday's Des Moines Downtown Farmer's Market sound excellent... high in the mid 80's and humidity around 50 %.. which is higher than I like but compared to last week, it's a balmy day! 

Here's another thing to be excited about -- we have been selling necklaces like hotcakes !  The dragonfly below is long gone, it sold the first FM I had it at.  But I loved making it, I love making bigger pieces where I can really express myself.    I've been hard at work the last few weeks making new necklaces - and earrings - and bracelets.  I'll have a sneak peek later tonight or tomorrow in facebook.

Or come in person to FM and see them yourself! 7-12pm  across the street from Hy-Vee on 4th st. 
 I have a few more that I am hoping to finish before Saturday Morning, and I bet Kya will help me, even if the studio is still warmish!

Monday, July 2, 2018

Mostly Random Thoughts and pics

I've not really felt like blogging of late, but I really need to get back into good habits.  Since I have the attention span of a Gerbil , it seems time for a random thought post. 

First, the really kewl necklace above sold at the last FM, so I don't have it anymore, but I loved that it started out as a old vintage boy scout order of the arrow bookmark.

I loved the shape it had, so building it was really just about making a silhouette that I liked as much as the original shape. 

It's amazing where we find stuff to make jewelry out of.  Today Jerry was paying our parking for work.. which is a downtown church.  Someone had dropped off a domestic sewing machine as a donation.  Jerry asked them how much, they looked at him like he was crazy, but he bought it on the spot.

I love the domestics sewing machines.  They got bought out in the early 30's but they continued to sell the stock with the old branding until they ran out.   I just adore the tag on these, "domestic" in a pretty script. 

I usually just make bracelets out of the tag, but I got a idea of a big statement piece using it.  I hope I can carry it out, it looks fantastic in my head! 

I am a NPR junkie at work when I can.  However for my mental health, I'm thinking I need to limit listening or cut it out entirely, it's just so damn depressing and I  get so furious at the raging hypocritical government we currently have.  Don't get me started.

I'm noticing a trend in commercials, more and more gay couples are being portrayed in a positive, "this is real life" affirming way.  Yeah!    One last year had 2 dads worried about a sick child, and I just saw a Vegas commercial this weekend featuring 2 women getting married.

This means of course that Gay folks are not as cool anymore.. cause they are mainstreaming.  I bet they are OK with this, at least the mainstreaming part :)

So raised your hand if you cried during Handmaid last week.  I dread / can't wait for the new episode next Wednesday . 

I love my hubby.

I'm almost 50.   My body is wearing out.  My soul will be forever.

Asthma Sucks. 

Thursday, June 21, 2018

Farmer's Market Preview !!

 This Saturday is going to be a amazing day at Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market!  First of all, I"m there, in my normal wonderful spot on the south side of 4th street, across the street from Hy-Vee. 

Second, so far ( knock on wood) the weather promises to be very nice.. not so damn hot and low chances of rain. 

Third, I actually got my butt in gear the last couple of weeks and I've got some great new pieces to share!  You can see just *some* of the earrings I got done in the top pic.  I think my favorites this time around are the copper brass with watch face and pearls.  The drop pearls I used are actually vintage unused plastic ... I know I don't normally use plastic but they are so cute and vintage, so I"ll make an exception for them.   I only had 6 of them, which worked out perfect for these earrings!  I love the vintage watch faces with dragonflies and  purple drop crystals.. those are glass and they are vintage as well. 
 I finally got my Kitty-Fairy done! I've been working on this off and on for months.  I just kept hitting a road block on where I wanted to go with this.. I finally realized I was over-thinking it.  I kept wanting to make it bigger than it is, but it's Practically Perfect just this way ( Mary Poppins anyone??)

It's a lovely group shot showing *most* of the necklaces I made the last few weeks.  Look guys, I got the camera guy done!! I'll blog about it  soon... all pieces in this group have vintage bits -- I had so much fun pulling these pieces together!

So Come down to Farmer's Market   Saturday, Downtown Des Moines, 7-12pm and enjoy the weather, food, fun and art!

Sunday, June 17, 2018

Happy Father's Day Dad

Dad, Uncle Tom, Aunt Neva, Mom
 I miss you, more than I ever imagine I could. 

Thursday, June 14, 2018


 Not feeling words today, so here are pictures of recently made bracelets. 

Monday, June 11, 2018

Blue is my favorite color

Vintage clock gears with part of a blue broach added on 
If you are a fan of my jewelry, you have probably figured out my favorite color is blue. 

Not that I dislike any color -- even orange has it's place.

I love purples and reds and greens ... but blue is the top.  Sometimes I like light blues, or the aquas and the turquoises and capri's, but my favorite of favorites is Cobalt.

Cobalt is a color made for glass and crystal.  You don't find textiles with cobalt, because to really get that dept of blue you need the reflective qualities of glass.  In fabric and other items, it sort of gets muddied up or it's royal blue rather than a true cobalt.  (IMHO)

I'm not alone in my love affair with blue -- you can find beads that are over 4000 years old that are blue.  A survey of color favorites in the US has blue on top by a wide margin.  Even worldwide blue edges out the other colors. 

So what's your favorite color? 


Wednesday, June 6, 2018

What's on my desk this week

Here's my starting pile for this week.. a mix of big and small necklaces, a few bracelets and earrings, even a chainmaile piece.
So I don't have a show until June 23rd when I once again get to have fun at Farmer's Market   When I get breaks like this it's wonderful cause I might be able to actually look at some larger projects.

One of those is my camera piece, which I have worked on and off for weeks now.  I really really really want to get it done! 
Before I started on the camera 
 I'm getting close.. all the pieces have been decided on and I've started to add them on in the proper order .    Below is my rough mock up.  notice the eye in the lens , the key in the open hole  (and I believe I've worked it out so it will turn freely in place ) Inside of the little brown fairy I know have a fairy face.  Since it's a Kodak/brownie movie camera (8mm probably 50's ?) I thought it would be cute to have a fairy stand in for a "brownie" even though in folklore they are not the same thing.  

If you look in the top picture, you can see the "wings" are already screwed/riveted to the back piece.  I've got the fairy attached.. now it's just sandwiching both pieces together and I'll be done.  

Nothing is actually attached yet, it's all pinned into place while I figure out if this is the design I want 
I'm going to make another octopus bracelet as that went very well.  The light socket ( which is from a 1950's singer sewing machine ) I'm thinking lots of crystals to glam it up.

I have about 12 projects total represented in this pile.  So that's what's on my desk right now.

Monday, June 4, 2018

For 5 minutes I dreamed about retiring early.....

Vintage Coin Bracelets

Occasionally at the Day job they offer incentives for "early retirement"

I've never really seriously considered it because who can afford it? But today when it came up I actually did... maybe because I'll be 50 this year.  Not that I think 50 is old... I'm proud I'm still breathing!  I had close encounters with dying as a child so honestly I try to remember it's all gravy at this point. 

Funny thing is, I don't really mind what I do at work, and the people I work with can't be beat.  For where I live the money and bennies are excellent.

But as always it comes down to time for me.

How much happier could I be if I had time to do everything I wanted to do?  If I didn't have to spend time to make a living?  Right or wrong, that's what retiring from the day-job means to me. 

Maybe my house would stay clean without complaint or resentment on my part :)

I imagine a well kept, maybe smaller house for me and Jerry to putter around in.  It would still have enough room in it for his gaming and my jewelry making.  Maybe we would still do a few shows a year, but mostly I would try the gallery route or maybe even wholesale to boutiques.  I could work on jewelry everyday if I wanted ... or take a week off to read books if I wanted.   I could have time to really cook again.

 We could travel from time to time, long and short trips when the mood strikes us.  We would spend evenings together.. something I miss greatly right now since I'm dayshift and he's evening.  I imagine we would only have a few bills -- house, car, student loans etc would be paid off.  I hope our health is OK, but honestly since that's a struggle for me now, at 49 .....

I realize that retirement doesn't really mean that- at least not anymore for most folks.  But it sounds really nice doesn't it?

Sunday, May 27, 2018

Everyone have a fun, relaxing but thoughtful Memorial Day!

This is my kitty Kya.  She knows now to relax, how to be happy -- all it takes is lounging on her favorite person, which is , ehem, me.

I hope everyone has a fantastic Memorial Day, while also honoring those we love who served or didn't,  who are gone or still with us.

I plan to spend some quality time with my kitty, work on some  necklaces for my next show, clean the house (ugh!), Think about my Dad who passed 2 years ago ( and was a veteran of the Korean Conflict) and think about my family who's still will me.... Monday we are doing a big family picnic.. something we haven't done in years.  We used to do them every Memorial day, Dad would man the grill with that grin of his.

My favorite food was "Barron Burgers" .

Dad would mix up the meat with seasonings (mostly garlic salt, onions & pepper )  a few days ahead, and have them pre-shaped into burgers.  It made the grilling at the park quick and easy, and they tasted fantastic!   Add in hot dogs and brats, chips, potato salad and cookies, and anything else folks would bring -- and don't forget the Frisbee for after diner family bonding.

Sometimes we would do steaks, but mostly it is the Barron burgers I craved.

cherish your loved ones.  We only get this one live on earth.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Farmer's Market Tomorrow!!! Sneak Peek

 Jerry and I will be at the Market with Bells on.... same location on 4th street South, just across from Hy-Vee's parking lot.  See ya at Downtown Des Moines Farmer's Market!
1920-30's or earlier pocket watch regulator.  

Pocket Watch parts, and a crystal for just that special touch... 

More vintage watch parts dangling on retainer rings 

This is my new bigger piece... dragonflies dancing in the air around vintage clock gears and crystals bits.