Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Pictures....

Yesterday in Marshalltown went great! the weather was beyond awesome!!

Sales were good, decent tenderloin by food vendors, interesting entertainment and music.... a really wonderful show.
chain is vintage, added charms.  This one sold some time ago....

Elegant steampunk... Victorian like lacy plaques and hard edgy gears... also long gone.

This one didn't last through my first show with it.  I need to buy more brass owls....

Now I'm "off" the show scene for a couple of weeks.. we are fitting in a quickie family vacation, Jerry and I will celebrate our Anniversary  ( 20 years.. wow) I'm trying to knock some clean into the house, and got to get stuff situated for Jerry's school, Jesscera's school, Jesscera's book, etc etc etc.  And somewhere in all that I need to fill in some inventory holes. 

so yeah, no rest for the wicked, no break for the good....

I leave you with a couple of pics from the files ---- If I don't get a chance to blog I hope these hold you til then!

Friday, July 18, 2014

just pictures today

1920's singer sewing machine tag

1952 singer sewing machine

1940's voltmeter tag

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

this Sat in Marshalltown....

Lady Liberty, she's already sold, I kind of miss this one.... 2nd in a series of 3, working on the 3rd one now.
Guys, my heart is not really into blogging right now, but I did want to give a heads up, We have a show in Marshalltown IA this weekend... it's a fun show by the name of Linn Creek Art Festival held on the grounds of the art center.  It's really a fun, laid back kind of show.  I'm hoping we are under the trees again, but since so far the weather report sounds awesome, I guess where ever they put us it will be fine.  They are stepping up even more than last year... there will be a concert after the show as well as entertainment throughout the day.  Seriously, if you are in the Marshalltown area, this is the thing to do on Saturday. 

Random thing: my spell checker doesn't like Marshalltown, it wants to change it to Marshmallow. 

I just think that's kind of funny.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Memorial service this weekend

Poss - Dec 22nd 1918 to June 3rd 1914
Tonight's activity: making memorial candles for the family.  It's a tradition on Jerry's side of the family, but Jesscera wanted one for Poss, so I am making some for the service on Sunday.

Nothing really to them, sticker paper, software and a cheapo candle in a glass. 

Step one: cry happy memory tears mixed in with sadness
step two: create a design and fit to the candle at hand.
step three: nag the man to peel off the price stickers (this is probably the hardest step)
step four: print out labels, cut to fit, and add them to the glass.
step five: maybe cry alittle more.

Friday, July 4, 2014

I can almost breathe......

left over chain and very kewl vintage key
I'm soooooo tired.  I'm sooooo emotionally drained.  This weekend it's Farmer's Market, and then next weekend we finally have Aunt Poss's funeral. Today is 4th of July, which I hope everyone is enjoying to the max... I stuck my head outside and it's ** BEAUTIFUL! **

Me?  I'm going to spend most of the day in the studio, just playing.  yep, I have given myself permission to do whatever the heck I want.  I'm not gonna worry about my low inventory, I'm not going to freak out on how few earrings I have, I will not concentrate on trying to get a few extra chainmaile bracelets done --- I'm just gonna goof off in the studio, and if I actually end up making something, swell.  If not, that's OK too.  I'm giving myself the gift of NO EXPECTATIONS,  NO PRESSURE TO PREFORM, Nada!

Right now I'm organizing about 6 months worth of buying materials that haven't ever really gotten put away.  I've had several thoughts ( and I've pulled some pieces aside to contemplate further)

At some point I'll hit something and will have to just work on it, that magic spark of creativity will burn bright for that baby...

but if not, then at least my workshop will be more organized than it has been for some time. 

And it's OK either way.

See ya tomorrow at Farmer's Market, Bright and Early... and maybe  ( or maybe not) with something new.. but I'll be in a better place mentally for sure.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

yeah yeah I know......

A work in progress.....
I haven't been posting like I should... just so busy and so much going on in my personal life... things should be calming down in 3 weeks or so.. I won't have shows every weekend, and hopefully family members won't be in the hospital or dying on me.

This weekend is probably my biggest show of the year... ArtFest Midwest at the fairgrounds.  If you are in Des Moines this weekend, you absolutely cannot miss it!! It's free, parking is free, and they run shuttles back and forth between this art show and the big downtown one. 

And it's in the building with the piping hot, fresh from the oven mini- chocolate chip cookies.  Yum!!

Sat hours are 10-6pm, Sunday 10-5pm.

Seriously, get your butts down to the fairgrounds this weekend!!

Monday, June 16, 2014

Sewing Machine cabinets.....

Normally we buy old sewing machines loose... but a couple of weeks ago we scored 3 old treadle machines still in the table.  They were in rough shape, and after researching the machines, one was from 1905, one from 1908  (see pic above) and  the white machine was from 1918-1920. 


That's pretty old.

So we put them on craigslist. 

wow again.  I've never had so many people interested in a posting before... by day 3 I had 7 different people wanting one or all 3 of them.

I'm glad to report they went to the home of a fellow artist and craftsman who makes the cabinets into high-end tables.  

So this is a happy recycling story from end to end!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

remember that big box of watches I was waiting for?

wrapped up in old cigar boxes, nice touch!
 I got it the very next day after I blogged about it here but things have been so chaotic I didn't get a chance to share ... and it was a AMAZING box! It had over 25 complete, gorgeous pocket watch movements in it, probably as many "bad" ( the movements aren't really pretty but they have cogs and gears to salvage from them), a ton of empty cases (some of which I've put up on etsy here ) lots of misc parts, even a couple clocks parts & faces.

I've pulled a few items for my inspiration pile, and I've given Jerry some of them to dismantle for the parts.  I just love buying big piles of Junk and finding treasure!!

I'll post a sneak peak on my facebook later this week, just in time for MacNider Arts Fest in Mason City this Sat , 9-5pm
This is MOST of it spread out.  I put the "good" ones out in rows of 5....

But nothing was truly bad!

Note  -- I even got a few little tin boxes! total bonus!!

Sunday, June 8, 2014


vintage pocket watch face, vintage key, painted wings, brass stampings and chain.  Oh.. on small pink crystal cause I can.
but now i'm sooooooo tired.


Wednesday, June 4, 2014


vintage crystal, and vintage crystal shoe bucket.  It's hard to see in the photo, but this baby is beveled on the edges and oh so sparkly

Poss passed away peacefully on Tues afternoon.  May that wonderful, feisty lady, the grandma of my heart!  -- rest easy.   Jerry and I will be in Omaha this weekend for the Omaha show.  I may not be my normal outgoing self, but I'll try not to burst into tears at odd moments.  (at least not where anyone can see me)

Poss would be happy I'm out selling my jewelry, she loved jewelry and she loved mine... I gave her many pieces as gifts, and she bought from me for both herself and friends. 

She also loved teddy bears.  I'm  really thinking I will have to do something with a teddy bear in her honor.....
Ribbon, vintage key and bucket as a necklace....