Sunday, November 4, 2018

Eating better...

 My hubby is Diabetic.  I've got health problems all over the place.  We both turned 50 this year, and we decided it's time to take better care of ourselves. 

We have tried actually from time to time, then loose interest or get frustrated, or don't have time to do the cooking. 

The last time we really tried, it didn't seem like there were as many options - but in 2018, there are lots of options.  Options that don't feel like your sacrificing taste. 
 case in point... Banza noodles.  They are made from Chickpeas, and they replicate the texture of regular noodles, and they don't have any funny aftertaste or weird smell.  They taste just fine... maybe not as good, but the difference is pretty small.  Jerry can't really tell any difference. 

Check out the back stats.... and that's for a large serving,   Jerry typically eats about 1/3 of this size, so he's getting about 15 net carbs.  If everything that is tossed in with the noodles is net carb zero... that means he's getting a delicious filling meal and its only 15-20 carbs a serving!! that's amazing!
here's something else I'm playing around with... coconut flour ( and almond flour)

I've made brownies ( needs some tweaks but shows promise) , and pizza crusts ( with the almond flour)

the pizza crusts are a big big hit. 

Again, if we pick a good sauce without added sugar, and he's only putting meat and cheese and maybe a veggie.. pizza changes from one of the worst foods he can eat to a safe choice. 

Last night I made Meatball stroganoff.  It was pretty tasty, even the kid liked it.  ( that is a high praise! )

I have a whole bunch of recipes in the "keto" way on Pinterest ( Pinterest has been extremely helpful finding good recipes! )

Granted it takes more time, but I feel guilty I haven't pushed for better eating for him.   I adore him and I want him around for many years to come, annoying me and delighting me by turns.

Granted, until he was ready to try again, all the pushing I could do won't do much.

But we are all on the same page now!

He's worth extra work.  He's always been worth it, but daily life and frustrations and money worries and my own crap.... it all gets in the way.  Sometimes it's hard to keep track of what's really important in life.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

My Birthday Quilt

 So I celebrated my 50th birthday this month... and I've got to share one of the best birthday prezzies I've ever gotten.... My sister Gretchie, who is marvelously talented, made me a quilt.  I was soooo surprised!  I had made a passing comment on a pin of hers on Pinterest about a quilt I really liked... and this was only a couple of weeks before my birthday.

That Woman spend almost every minute of 4 days making this.

It's soooo colorful and fantastic and it makes me smile and feel joy every time I look at it.

 Jerry is showing off the back side...

 It's Kya approved.
 Looks great with my giraffe pillow!
this is what it looks like while I'm under it, staring at the light through it.  it's my own personal cathedral!

Thank you Gretchie!!!   She really is a fantastic artist! you can see some of her creations on her Etsy!

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

DON'T FORGET HERetics Bazaar this Saturday!

 Some of these pics are a repeat, but I just wanted to show you stuff I've made recently that I'll have with me this Saturday at It's held at UAW Local 450 - 4589 NW 6th Dr, Des Moines, IA 50313.  It supports women's health by donating proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

we will also be collecting for a local woman's shelter
 -- they are looking for non perishable foods, baby items, toiletries, hygiene products or 
gently used clothing to help out those in need.

Don't forget, I'm having a special deal --  if you show me what you are donating and buy jewelry, I will give you 10% off.  No minimum.. just show me and save and donate to a good cause!

Monday, October 22, 2018

Show this Saturday for a an important cause!!

 Flute parts, read to go, and more earrings than you can shake a stick at... all of the earrings have vintage parts.. starting left to right, clock, clock, watch, sewing machine and watch !
I'm very pleased to be doing HERetics Bazaar this coming Saturday -- 11-5pm

It's held at UAW Local 450 - 4589 NW 6th Dr, Des Moines, IA 50313.  It supports women's health by donating proceeds to Planned Parenthood.

In this time we need to stand together to protect things that are important to us, like health care for women without judgment, shame or high cost. 

It amazes me how messed up stuff is right now, because the "one" issue folks have with planned parenthood is the least thing they do.

I can remember being a collage kid 30 years ago, going to planned parenthood for birth control and general check up on my lady parts.... I went back then because it was the only place I could afford, and frankly the staff was all women... and as a shy, inexperience young woman, I didn't want to strip down for a guy doctor. 

I'm glad I had access to clinics I could afford.. even after I became sexually active and in the first few years of marriage, I still went to PP  for the cost.  My hubby and I got to plan when we were ready for a family, which is the whole freaking point.

Raising a daughter, I've had many frank discussions on sex and female health with her, and while we now go to a regular family doctor for both our needs, I have real INSURANCE, and she gets' to share it til she hits 26.

But not everyone can! 

  We have to protect access to birth control (which btw is the # 1 way to prevent abortions ) and clinics that can service women's health screenings for cancer and other nasties.

So I support Planned Parenthood. 

If you do too, this is a fun way to help -- we will also be collecting for a local woman's shelter -- they are looking for non perishable foods, baby items, toiletries, hygiene products or gently used clothing to help out those in need.

And I have a deal for you -- if you show me what you are donating and buy jewelry, I will give you 10% off,

so come out on Saturday, enjoy art and crafts, food, baked good and good will for all.

Saturday, October 20, 2018

chainmail pics

OK I made these a couple of months ago, I'm just catching up on my photo files.  I really like this pattern though... it's the same in both bracelets, but looks so different because I used different sized beads. 

Love how just playing with sizes you can so completely change the look on chainmail!

Monday, October 15, 2018


These necklaces are based on a very old concept, medieval or older. 

In a great house or castle, the Lady in charge was once called a Chatelaine.  She often wore a belt with little bits attached to it, pretty much showing who was in charge... things like keys to the store rooms, little pouches of this or that, money, knife, household objects like scissors.  Eventually the belt /chains with attachments got the same name.. Chatelaine.

Think of a female batman with the bat belt!

Through the centuries down to probably 1900's the concept continued and somewhere fizzled out. 

Before it breathe it's last gasp, it was very popular in Victorian times, more as accessories than actual practical day to day applications.  They made them as long pendant type necklaces with small scissors, smelling salt containers, sewing kits and such.

This is my interpretation of a Chatelaine. 

The ball is a locket and opens, so you could put messages or something nickle sized in it.  I added a vintage Key and a coin charm.

I could have added more, but I  thought it looked pretty balanced with just those items. 

Tuesday, October 2, 2018

getting ready for my LAST FARMER'S MARKET OF THE YEAR!

 I'm getting ready for the last Farmer's Market I'm doing this year.. sniff sniff!

I admit the weather is looking ify right now, but even if it's less than prefect, we always have a good time at Farmer's Market.  Food, shopping, good vendor friends... it's all good!

I've got a bunch of new stuff ready to go... and I'll be across the street from Hy-vee on 4th ST south, just like I've been allll year.

I've even give you a hint! I'm in the coupons this week! wooo !

do you know how to get coupons for farmer's Market?

It's easy... text 46986 and type in the message line “Market"

every week during Farmer Market they will text you up to 6 vendor deals for that Saturday.  SWEET!

Sunday, September 30, 2018

We all need some Magic in our Lives....

It's been a really tough week.  To approximately 51 percent of the population, I don't need to explain this.

So we can all use fairy  magic, kindness and good heart right now.

This fairy necklace has a vintage pocket watch enameled face and a clock gear that I added just a touch of patina. ( fairy dust?)

The heart is salvaged from vintage jewelry, probably not super old ( 80's?)  but added a nice touch.  The chain is actual clock chain.  I ran across some unused chain from a retired clock repair guy.

So here is my good wishes to all that's really had to struggle to deal this week.  I feel you. 

Whatever good vibes my wand can grant, I give to you.

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Bats in the house

I wish I only referred to my awesome bracelet and earrings, but alas, we get bats sometimes.  Since we got the roof repaired 3 weeks ago, it's only been 2, so maybe we finally got the access closed up again.  Occasionally one comes in through the fireplace.  The hazards of living in a 1920's house in a well treed neighborhood. 

Bat's are actually great creatures, I just don't really like them flapping around inside my house.  But these guys, as jewelry? Cat's Pajamas!

Before the roof got fixed - yep 3 of them.  (total that day was 6)