Monday, August 18, 2014

Ode to my Printer....... and Temptation.

sewing machine lever, bobbin necklace
I've been missing my printer terribly, as it's been out of commission for almost a week.  I've decided only I am allowed in the future to use my printer, it seems like anytime someone uses my printer without me around it get's messed up.

Case in point, Jesscera wanted to print something, put in the paper wrong and it jammed.  Each night after work I would come home and try to fixed it until I reached my frustration point.

 It was soooo jammed that Jerry finally took it apart last night to retrieve a little itty bitty strip of paper approx. 2 inches across and less than a inch high.  So this morning I have my printer back, I am dancing by the computer as I type and I'm printing out a weeks' worth of important stuff I couldn't print until now.

Yesterday morning as I searched the net for instruction to take the printer apart, I of course looked at new printers.

Hubba Hubba.

I am a faithful wife, but as a owner of a printer I admit I stray, at least in my mind.  I was looking at a combo laser printer that did faxing, scanning and printing.  It was under $300.00.  Color.

Even though a few years ago that kind of printer would have been a thousand bucks or more.

So I'm glad Jerry got my printer fixed, cause another day or 2 without my printer and I might have talked myself into buying another........... and if you have to buy one, why not upgrade? 

Thank you Jerry for helping me to resist the evil lures of spending money.....  Damn you Jerry for killing my fantasy......

Sunday, August 10, 2014

clock earrings and a little green guy

clock part earrings......

one of Jesscera's little friends... isn't he cute? it's hard to tell in the photo, but he's one of the ones shaped like a leaf.. very very kewl...

Thursday, August 7, 2014

The clock from the garage sale

inside the clock.  look how huge the movement is !!

on 6/14/36 a clock maker did something to this clock...

The front with the face... wouldn't this make a yummy picture frame?

resting on my hammer is a bracelet using one of the gears from the clock!
Soooo.. last weekend at the garage sale on highway 141 we
bought this older mantle clock for $5.00.

I'm not sure how old it is.  I couldn't find solid dependable
info on this brand, but it has a maker's mark dated 1936.
Whenever a clock or watch was fixed or cleaned by a clock
maker, they always dated it.  so the wooden shell of the
clock is at least from 1936.

However, the movement looks newer.. and it has no
patient marks, which would likely be there it if was

so i can't judge how how it is.

But I adore it!

I am keeping the wooden shell, it's in pretty good shape.

I'm either making it a picture frame or maybe a shadowbox or something

I begged Jerry to rip apart the movement and I've used one
of the gears already in this lovely bracelet...

I'll have it out this weekend at Riverloop fest in Waterloo
so if you are in the area, stop by and see it in person!

Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Highway 141 Garage Sale

Most of the treasures lined up: 1 sewing machine, 2 clocks, 1 typewriter, 2 adding machines ( one for a buck!!), a divider for my paints, 3 medial thingies that looked interest, 3 or more pounds of 20 gauge wire, a cash register, a bunch of interesting cookie tins to cut up and a few odds and ends.  We spent under $100.00 total, which includes a few bucks spent on non business " raw materials"

I adore this sewing machine tag!! soon to be a bracelet.... the sewing machine was FREE.  yep.  I  bought old metal bobbins for 50 cents, and walked out with this sewing machine as well...

Last weekend was the 100 mile garage sale on highway 141.

What fun!! I swear next year I will take Friday off so we can do the first day of it.. Jerry and I found some sweet sweet deals for the business, and even picked up a few bits for family fun.  The folks running the garage sales were all smiles and happy, and many said the crowds on Friday were marvelous.  The weather I'm sure was helpful!  Who knew August in Iowa could be so darn ... pleasant?? (word is the harsh heat is coming back soon though, drat)

And most of it was cheap cheap cheap.  Not that a few folks had things priced at unbelievably high prices.. but that's the joy of garage-ing. The trick is to just buy the cheap stuff, and dicker down the prices. 

I  found one old clock for just $5.00, I didn't even try to bargain on that, it had such lovely clock movement!! But most stuff, Offer half and settle for 25% off.  sometimes I get lucky and get my half!

We made it to Bayard and only gave up then cause it was getting so late -- the garage sales started at 8am, and by 330pm they were closing down.

I predict this will be a fun family event for years to come.

Monday, August 4, 2014

Fuzzy vacation pictures

walkway , where we took the Garden Photo
Japanese Garden
 My most of my family are huge picture takers... me.. not so much.

Part of it is I take lousy pics, most of them are fuzzy.  These in the blog are the best of the lot... now some of the fuzzy isn't really my fault.. many area's of the House on the Rock are dim, and no-one is gonna take good pics in dim light.  I think the lens might get dirty as it's just my cell phone and it's always jammed in my pocket.

I've never been a purse gal, so in the age before cell phone camera's , it rarely seemed worth it to lug a huge camera around and be constantly afraid I would loose it.

Now we have camera's in the phone...

But I just don't think about taking pictures much.  I love looking at them, but taking them.. it's like my brain is Teflon coated and I just can't remember to wip out the phone and take pictures.

the flowerhead belly dancers in one of the bathrooms...
 My daughter loves taking photos.  On the computer she downloaded over 100 just from our little trip last week. 
OK, I really do like the sinks in the rock formation, same bathroom...

Demon as you enter Section 3 of the house exhibit...
 One last note.. if you go to the House on the Rock, make sure you check out all the bathrooms.  Each bathroom had different displays.  My favorite is the glass one.  (this link is to someone else's picture, as mine didn't turn out)

Monday, July 28, 2014

Road trip and a few random thoughts.

vintage dog tag and crystal.....
 Yet again a couple of pics from the files, showing you wonderful, one of a kind jewelry that is.. yep.. already long gone. 

I swear I actually do have some inventory!!  It's just when I get busy sometimes I skip the picture, and when it's one of s kind.. then it's gone. 

I really need to get better about that.

I think I've been sort of depressed.  (no! really????)

I think I'm sort of better.  I have actually been sketching designs at odd moments, which is a really good sign that my brain might actually work again someday soon.

I think I'm Peri-menopausal.  I really won't say anything else about that.  Your welcome.

We took a small family jaunt to House on the Rock and took Baby and a friend this time.  We left on thurs afternoon, meandered up and Hit the House on Fri... it's just as strange and friendly as I remember it.  Seriously if you are in that part of WI anytime soon, it's worth a trip, it's good family fun and it's a unique collection of stuff.  It's what happens when a artist has money to spend and builds his own museum.  Eccentric fun at it's clean, ketchie best.

We went to a cave, we did antiquing and hit every used book shop we could find.  Even worked in a bakery and a game shop... In short, the perfect, mini BarronMiller Driving vacation.  Even had a few bucks left when we got home.

Came back the back way, through McGregor IA, and saw the pink elephant and the gaint strawberry on a stick . 

Next mini trip we take we want to go to Mount Ida and see the castles

Because we BarronMillers thrive on good clean ketchie fun.

This coming weekend will be another mini roadtrip, as Jerry and I will be hitting the Highway 141 longest yard sale

domestic sewing machine from the late 1920 - early 30's and clock cog.  this is one of my favorite bracelets I've made for a long time... it sold at the first show at had it at. 

Sunday, July 20, 2014

More Pictures....

Yesterday in Marshalltown went great! the weather was beyond awesome!!

Sales were good, decent tenderloin by food vendors, interesting entertainment and music.... a really wonderful show.
chain is vintage, added charms.  This one sold some time ago....

Elegant steampunk... Victorian like lacy plaques and hard edgy gears... also long gone.

This one didn't last through my first show with it.  I need to buy more brass owls....

Now I'm "off" the show scene for a couple of weeks.. we are fitting in a quickie family vacation, Jerry and I will celebrate our Anniversary  ( 20 years.. wow) I'm trying to knock some clean into the house, and got to get stuff situated for Jerry's school, Jesscera's school, Jesscera's book, etc etc etc.  And somewhere in all that I need to fill in some inventory holes. 

so yeah, no rest for the wicked, no break for the good....

I leave you with a couple of pics from the files ---- If I don't get a chance to blog I hope these hold you til then!

Friday, July 18, 2014

just pictures today

1920's singer sewing machine tag

1952 singer sewing machine

1940's voltmeter tag

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

this Sat in Marshalltown....

Lady Liberty, she's already sold, I kind of miss this one.... 2nd in a series of 3, working on the 3rd one now.
Guys, my heart is not really into blogging right now, but I did want to give a heads up, We have a show in Marshalltown IA this weekend... it's a fun show by the name of Linn Creek Art Festival held on the grounds of the art center.  It's really a fun, laid back kind of show.  I'm hoping we are under the trees again, but since so far the weather report sounds awesome, I guess where ever they put us it will be fine.  They are stepping up even more than last year... there will be a concert after the show as well as entertainment throughout the day.  Seriously, if you are in the Marshalltown area, this is the thing to do on Saturday. 

Random thing: my spell checker doesn't like Marshalltown, it wants to change it to Marshmallow. 

I just think that's kind of funny.

Friday, July 11, 2014

Memorial service this weekend

Poss - Dec 22nd 1918 to June 3rd 1914
Tonight's activity: making memorial candles for the family.  It's a tradition on Jerry's side of the family, but Jesscera wanted one for Poss, so I am making some for the service on Sunday.

Nothing really to them, sticker paper, software and a cheapo candle in a glass. 

Step one: cry happy memory tears mixed in with sadness
step two: create a design and fit to the candle at hand.
step three: nag the man to peel off the price stickers (this is probably the hardest step)
step four: print out labels, cut to fit, and add them to the glass.
step five: maybe cry alittle more.