Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New Wire Wraps & a sneek peak at my booth for this weekend's show!

I've been busy. I'm down 8 lbs in 3 weeks ( yeah! go Kat go!) and I've got a show this weekend.. my first show of the year. I'm excited and nervous, I've got some new display ideas I've been working on.. I've got my new drop cloths.. and I finally have Maddy all assembled ! Maddy is one of my 2 manikins. Maddy ( short for Madeline) is my table top version.. I've also got a 2/3rd stand up model ( named Maude) I'm very proud of Maddy, and she's such a dear, she sits holding my jewelry so patiently! And she's the type of person that you can see some of yourself in her... hehehe..

ok, before you think I"m totally nuts, her face is a mirror. I've had Maddy since this summer, with her face ( a lovely mosaic frame my friend Dorrie created for me) but I finally got decent hands and arms worked out. The hands are from an art supply store, and are fully articulated. I love that word!! The arms are just jewelry displays .. they are overly long, but I think it adds to the artistic effect. I'm going for fun and funky but with class...

Also pictured are 2 wire wraps I've done in the last couple of weeks.. Ocean Foam is a vintage Japanese Cab done in sterling wire. I think the front turned out great..
the back..
not so great.. I want to get good enough that even the backs look OK, because what pendant doesn't flip around ?? though I've made the bail wide to keep that from happening much. The other cab is also a vintage Japanese cab, a scarab.
you can't see the chain in these pics, but it's on a spiral chain done mostly in root beer AB hex beads. Yum! I should take a pic of the chain sometime.


No Easy Beads said...

Great job on loosing 8lbs!!
I love your display. Maddy is to kewl. I bet Maddy and Maude love getting dressed up for the shows.
The wire wraps are beautiful.
Good luck with your show this weekend.

The bad Liz said...

8 pounds in 3 weeks is awesome. I'm down 4.4 in two weeks - weigh in is today! Your wire wrapping is looking great!!

Keep on moving!

Jodie said...

Maddy is too cool! Love the new display!

ileea said...

Your wire wraps are wonderful and congratulations on losing 8 pounds.