Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Control............. and other ramblings

"I like a man that can run faster than I can... " purrs Jane Russell in Gentlemen prefer blondes. Good Good movie, if you like old movies. Even some great shots of jewelry! In fact I fell in love with the earrings Jane wears in 1 scene, and I plan to try to make a version of them in wire... If it comes out even halfway kewl I'll post it soon... ( I've got the beads and wire picked out, sitting on my work desk, just not had the time to work on it yet!) I love love love old movies, especially the color musicals from the 1940-1950's ... lots of glam. I like glam! for you youngsters out there, I mean "bling" or "bling-bling". I've always loved old movies, got that from my mom. ( thanks Mom! ) Some of my best memories growing up have to do with old movies and my Mom. For a few years a theatre downtown showed old movies- including some silent ones, on a big screen on the weekends.. and for years the local PBS station had a show on weekends called Matinee at the Bijou's. Every Saturday afternoon Mom and I would have a late lunch/early supper and end it with hot chocolate with marshmallows and cinnamon sticks and watch the movies together. (bijou's was a great concept, they showed movies just like you would have in the 20's through 40's.. you would get a news reel, cartoon and shorts, and then the movie!! ) Now as an bead artist I have yet another dimension: great jewelry to gawk at. Seriously, next time you see a old movie, start looking at the jewelry and the costumes. Yummy!! Even if the movie tanks, you can find redeeming value in costumes !
Nothing proves that we have no control over our lives like the computer biting it. Starting Saturday, my computer had a nervous breakdown. finally about midnight this morning, I got just about everything working again. I don't trust it anymore.. I plan to back up daily, in the event it kaput's again. I feel like it's the walking wounded and likely to expire of natural causes at any moment. After all, it's 4 years old, which in computer terms is a rip old age. But still, it proves you only have control over yourself. I moped for awhile. I ranted and raved. I wanted to cry... 4 years of my life on it.. yes I do backups, but the last one was over a month ago... and I'ld had at least 1 show since then. All those receipts to re-enter!!!! arrgh!!

But finally I finished my pity party and started the long road to fixing the damn thing. And that made me feel better... just doing something about my situation made me feel soooo much better. Because ultimately doing something beats the heck out of not doing something. Even if it hadn't worked (and frankly, it hasn't completely.. I can't recover my website software and certain programs don't run quite right.) dealing with the situation and getting some sort of resolution was better than moping about it. It's all in your attitude.

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If you liked Matinee at the Bijou as a child, the sequel series is on the way. Check out the bijou is back blog at "matineebijou" dot "bolgspot" dot "com". Or search for the promo on YouTube or Veoh. Betty Boop, Flash Gordon & Buster Keaton are waiting for you.