Monday, June 25, 2007

Bead & Button Report, part 1

Boy! I've been busy!!! I've had shows every weekend since the beginning of May... the only break I've had wasn't really a break, but it was great fun... I went to Bead and Button Show June 7th through 10th!!! I've been to bead and button every year except 2 in the last 8 years. Last year I couldn't get the time off the day job to go, so I went ahead and signed up for a show.. then I found out I could get the time off, but I was already committed. I did managed to run up for 1 day to shop, as my art show was only on Sat. I don't ever want to do that again.. yes I got a decent haul of kewl new beads and findings, but the best part of Bead & Button is the social contacts with long distance beady friends. Fortunately I managed to get the time off from work and Thursday drove up with 3 of my friends: Abigail ( ), Anne, and Julie ( ) We left for Wisconsin around 830am, and had a grand time driving up. Once we hit the city that changed though. Now if you live in Des Moines, this next bit makes sense... but they have Milwaukee more torn up with construction that Des Moines's Keo Way is!! Didn't think that was possible!!!! Original plan was to park in the bus depot's parking, as it was only $3.00 a day last year, instead of the hotel/mall parking of $15.00 per day. (extra bead money that way!!! ) Problem was that lot no longer existed... completely torn up, and they were building a building on top of it. We hit town around 245pm and wanted to rest up and get ready for the preview shopping ... Anne and I headed out to park and drop Julie off at her hotel.. after over half an hour of sheer frustration, driving around the construction, hitting 1 way streets that all seemed to go the same direction.. we said the hell with it and parked in the lot by the hotel. We got back to the room finally!! At the room we hooked up with our other roomies, Liz ( ) and Audrey. and headed over to the show to do some power shopping. I love shopping at the preview session.. it's not as crowded as on the other days, and some booths literally run out of stuff the 1st day. Abigail and I did some heavy sterling buys together, and after shopping for a couple of hours we headed to Apple bee's for a late supper. Not so good this year, the service was way down.... but eating with our beady buds made for for it!! For supper we hooked up with another group of Iowa Beaders, Lorna, Pilar, and Karla. Then trooped back to the room for gabbing, presents, and show and tell. Friday, Abigail headed over early as she had an all day class... Liz, Anne, Audrey and I went to the traditional breakfast: George Webb. Then shopping.. this was my power shopping day as I had a class Saturday, so we mostly went our own way til 6pm. I bought and bought and bought... can't wait to see my credit cards!!! Below are some pictures... pearls, silver, art glass, lovely stones, yummy!!!!

I met up with Anne as she was my "date" for an invite only reception to Tierracast. I love their products, and the reception was very nice... wine, lovely little sandwiches, yummy breads, and of course freebies and samples!!! Check out for the finest quality pewter findings and beads... really lovely stuff!!

Fri night we had the most fun!!! This year Bead and Button had an area set aside for beaders to gather at any time of the day or night. We all met up again and had pizza delivered and actually beaded! if you can believe it!!! We stayed til like 1130 or so I think... I really hope Bead and Button have this area again next year!!

part II hopefully tomorrow!!!

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