Tuesday, August 7, 2007

YOJ: Week 33 - Sunrise, Sunset / Ring of Fire makes "Victorian Sunset"

This is actually a week ahead, woo hoo! I've been working on and off on this piece for months. I love doing spiral chains, it's probably my favorite seed bead thing to do. I love wire work, and that's a love that just keeps growing and growing... I can't get enough of playing with it. So early this year I decided I would combine my loves and make a whole series of necklaces of spiral chains featuring a wire worked pendant. So far I've made 2. Spiral chains are somewhat time consuming, and designing a chain to go with a special piece to be wire wrapped.... anyway, I started this chain back in Feb I would guess, and I had this wonderful freeform agate cab, and I wasn't sure what style I wanted to do the cab in. I finished the chain except for the clasp months ago. I've been waiting on inspiration to do the cab. Last week I ran across the project looking for something else ( don't you love that!! ) and realized I really wanted to finish the cab now!!
I started it, didn't like how it looked, so decided to embellish it with seeds and crystals to more match the chain and hide the "ugly" part of the wire wrap. Next thing I knew I had this wonderful gaudy ( which isn't a bad word in my opinion!) wrap on a sumptuous chain. And I realized the wrap looked Victorian, and then I realized with the color scheme I had a sunset on my hands... and with that topic coming up next week.. well obviously my subconscious knew what it was looking for even if the rest of me didn't!!!! LOL

I finished the chain with a vintage MOP button, seemed just right with the victorian theme. I made earrings, which aren't in the same style at all. I like them but I'll have to make earrings to match the style at some point.

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