Sunday, January 13, 2008

YOJ:week 2: Capricorn

The traditional Capricorn sign, done in 18 ga sterling silver for the frame, 22 & 24 ga for the wrapping. Doing the weaving in a circle was quite the challenge, but I think it looks ok. Onyx is one of the stones said to represent Capricorns, so the small dangle is true onyx... I couldn't find any small onyx beads in my collection, so I used 4mm agate rounds.

This pendant is fossil jasper sterling and pearls. My good Friend Michele's Christmas present. I wanted to make her something extra special as she was moving ( and now has ) to Omaha right after Christmas. I used 16 ga sterling , pounded the heck out of it, and then texturized it, all with various hammers. She's always worried about getting pendants on and off the necklaces, so I made sure that this pendant slides on and off safely.. the pearls in front are actually hanging free, so you can gently pull the loop open. It should accommodate any size necklace this way. I'm very please with how this works! Last is a Pearl and crystal bracelet. I bought a bunch of 2 holed pearls last year, and I was playing around with them.. came up with this design. I think it would look supper if I doubled the width, yet something else on my wish list to try when I have a spare century!!

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No Easy Beads said...

Kat, I love the hammered pendant. I like visiting and seeing the new work you have created.
Happy New!!