Saturday, March 29, 2008

YOJ: Week 12 not on topic...

Not on topic this week, and I'm actually late with this entry.. time is an issue right now.. but I really liked how this necklace turned out, it has a very romantic, vintage feel to it. Course the button is actually a vintage button! I'm not sure how old it is, I got it at an estate sale years ago. I have a bead show to sell beads and findings at next weekend, and in the process of sorting beads and such I re-found this in my collection, and I just had to make something using it. I used gold filled wire to make the button into a pendant, used some vintage blue iris fire polish I had handy, and 5 different colors of seed beads for the necklace part.
I had in my stash this very elegant goldfilled clasp, which I think goes along with the whole vintage feel.
I've been trying hard to improve my photography, and I'm very please with the first picture... I've been playing with angles and I think this turned out great !

I recently had a home jewelry show hosted by my sister ( HI Gretchie!! ) She took these pictures for me, I thought the set up looked great in her basement! If you are in the Des Moines, IA area and would like to host a show just drop me a line, I'd be happy to work out a date with you! As the hostess you get free jewelry and a great excuse to gather friends and have a great time!
Last picture, playing around with leaf shaped earwires.. however with the choice of colors, this make me think of Easter eggs instead...

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