Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Final Tally of the damage..... and yet more pearls!

Well I've gone through all my jewelry and displays, and the final tally of damage from the storm in Hannibal and the tent falling apart is (drum roll please) :
1 tent
1 table
1 display bust
4 pieces of jewelry damaged.
so really, I got off lucky!! We bought a new tent for this weekend's show, I've cleaned all the displays and jewelry, and I've even fixed 3 of the 4 damaged pieces. The fourth piece I decided I didn't like that much anyway, and just took it apart for the usable bits that were left. So really really lucky!!

Since I've been on such a pearl kick, I thought I would share a few more pieces with you. This first pair of earrings I call "pearl tree". Next is a traditional Crystal and pearl set, done in creams and sterling.. my sister saw them and fell in love, so she's got them now. Last is a lariat, with matching earrings and bracelet. I love this!! I can remember making long linear lariats like this 8-9 years ago, and it looks like long is in right now, so I had to make one with pearls and liquid silver. The matching bracelet sold already... I'm sure the necklace and earrings will soon follow.

I'm especially happy with the earrings. I've been experimenting lately with handmade ear wires, but not your typical french hooks. I'm really pleased how these turned out. To have a wider platform to add the pearls to, I actually ran 20 GA wire half-way through my rolling mill, trimmed it and then filed the rough edges away. Then I shaped the ear wire part... I think these would look great in any one's ear!

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gbarron56 said...

I do love, love, love my pearl set. I just wore them again today and they always bring envious comments! Love, Gretchen