Monday, June 3, 2013

just a quickie.. This Sat see us in Mason City IA

My leaf bracelets are proving popular, these too feature birds.. I've used butterflies also in the past... I wonder if I can get away with using a kitty??
Considering how crappy the weather was Saturday ( no snow, but it was cold, windy as hell and rained off and on all day ) we did very well at Countryside.. but then again we usually do.  And Sunday was all we could ask for weather-wise...  Sunny, no rain drops in the sky!!

This weekend is MacNider Art Show.. We haven't done this one in a couple of years, but I love it.  They are super friendly, have a great pancake breakfast, and I get to visit the puppets in the Museum there.  ( want to know what I am taking about? see them here..   ( I now hear in my head "soon her ma-ma with the gleaming gloat heard ....." )

If you are in the Mason City area, you have to stop by!! (it runs 9-5pm on Sat!) 

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Shaiha said...

I just love those bracelets and I would be willing to bet that a cat version would sell like hot cakes.