Saturday, November 1, 2014

I love this clock!!!!!!!!

Most of this front is wood, I think this is probably a "cheap" clock in it's day, dressed up to look more expensive.. see the steps that are sort of goldish/black? in really expensive quality clocks that would be real Italian marble.. it's actually wood on this one painted to look like marble
 I'm soooo excited about this clock!! Jerry and I hit the flea market at the fair grounds today, without much luck.  So we hit a couple of other stores, and at one of them Jerry spotted this find of the day!  It's definitely old, once we start to take it apart I can find patient #'s and possibly date info... my gut says probably 1930's.  I could be way way wrong but I'm guessing it's at least that old.

It's in awful shape, missing pieces and the frame is very loose.  It's missing it's entire back.  But that's great news for me, because I'm not so darn guilty when we rip it apart!

I love that it's faking grander... instead of marble inlay and brass columns, it's a very clever paint job.  I think this is something a person would buy from the sears catalog thinking it looked elegant.  Again, that works for me cause I would have trouble ripping up something that was in great shape and expensive to start with.
nice large movement, double springs, yippee!!

Course the price on clocks usually takes care of the guilt factor.. if it was a nicer clock or in good shape I couldn't have afforded it.  As it was it was only $10.00 which might be the cheapest I've spent on a clock of this size and age!!!  

We picked up a couple of other items ( one of which I'll blog about later cause it's kind of interesting) but for me this clock is the piece I'm most anxious for Jerry to rip apart.  I might just have to badger him about it today!

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Shaiha said...

What a find! You are going to end up making lots of unique jewelry from it.