Wednesday, December 3, 2014

It's that Time Again!

I love love love how this turned out! the singer tag is from 1946, and the rest is brass.  The flower was sort of last minute.  I'm not a flower gal, but I think it really makes the piece!

What time is it you ask? Application time!!!

Just about the least favorite part of making and selling jewelry is researching and applying to shows.  I've almost waited to long... 2 of the shows I've applied for have just a week left to get my application in!!

It's just such a grueling, time consuming process... and all the decisions you have to make and you won't know if they were the right ones until months later when that show flops or becomes your best show of the year.

Shows you have been in for years might suddenly drop you, and shows you didn't think you had a chance getting in accept you... it's the roller coaster from hell, and each ticket costs more every year it seems like.  Which means if it's a "bad" show or gets rain out, you are out that money, and travel and time to boot.

But oh, the good shows!  You meet such interesting people, both fellow artists and customers, and some of the art you see.. drool, I want! and damn how did they do that!?!?!?!?!

So, tonight I applied to 5 shows.  I'm guessing I will get into 3 of them -- if I'm lucky.  One of these I will fall on the ground in surprise if I get in.. but then it's good to stretch-reach at least one application each year.. who knows?  I got into Omaha Summer Arts Fest last year, and it was the best show we had all summer.  ( I hope I get into it again!!!!)

Juries are fickle, and not everyone gets what I'm making now -- my version of steampunk.  Even after over 10 years of doing shows, there is always 1 or 2 that really throw me.  It's hard not to take it personal when your art is like your 2nd child.

Over the next two weeks I need to get my apps in to 4 other priority shows, and a couple I'm still mulling over.  I need to research some more, see if I can find any other good prospects for next year.  Always keeping an eye out for something new. 

Then the next round of applications will be late January.. Then again early March.

By May I will have applied to almost all the shows I'll be doing for the year, and probably half of them I'll already know my application status.

This year is the added fun and wrinkle ---- no clue what Jerry's schedule will be.  He graduates this Spring, and (finger's cross) will hopefully be a full fledged teacher that August.  But when in August? So I really need to be careful of later summer shows, at least this first year of teaching.  

Right now it looks  we can make it through the summer without him taking a summer job.  But who knows, if someone offers him something he can't turn down, or what if the school he eventually goes to has a early start?  Or what if the car explodes, so he takes a temp job for the $$?  So I need to keep things flexible this summer, but still schedule enough to make what I need for the year.

Most years I end up doing 20-25 shows, if you count Downtown Des Moines Farmer Market.  (in 2014 I did 21, in 2013 - 24)

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