Saturday, May 28, 2016

On a break --- Back 6/16/16

I hope everyone has a great couple of weeks... since I don't have any shows until June 18th ( when we have another FABULOUS! Farmer's Market ) I'm taking some time off.  I'll be back approximately June 16th.  Til then, Just hang out with our fur-friend and have a great time!

psss.... if you need some jewelry ( or other art) before then, then run! run! I tell you - down to Five Monkeys.  While I won't be the featured artist for June like I am for May, I'll still have a selection of great Mechanical Romance items on display!  Five Monkey's represents 60 or more Iowa Artists most months, so lots of great stuff you can get.  

Below is the T-shirt my daughter just had to have, as modeled by my mom: 

Just one of the many wonderful bits of iowa art you can buy at Five Monkeys.  

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