Wednesday, January 11, 2017

taxes, back ups and other boring business stuff....

I saw this back in August at a antique store and I still dream about it... over 7 ft of dreamy turn of the century storage... drooooollllll 
I can't say this week in the Jewelry biz is all that fun.  First off, in my "day" job I'm in training this week... training always seems to kill my desire to make stuff.  Since it's January I feel like it's OK to to take the week off, I'm hoping to get crackin' on a few projects this weekend.  I got a new tool (toy?) and I want to try it out and I've getting a craving to work chainmaile... I tend to ignore chainmaile and then every couple of months I just have to make it.  Or maybe I'll just keep reading books... I have a huge stack of paperbacks that I didn't have time to read over the summer.  The lovely thing about January is it's OK if I take a week off, it doesn't hurt anything.  I was amazing productive last week, so it all sort of balances out during the winter months.  

January is also the time of sales tax payments, end of year inventories, and making sure all my computer stuff is properly backed up.  I clean out my photo files and start up new ones for the year as well. job.  I like to sort my jewelry pics into some sort of order before I archive them.. that's actually tonight's job.

What sort of *fun*, once a year chores do you have?

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CraftyHope said...

I don't wanna talk about the chores. . .but that cabinet though. It shall now haunt my dreams as well.