Sunday, February 5, 2017

Elegant steampunk

I'm more in the elegant mood of late.  You know, smaller pieces that can go with anything, not heavy, have easy lines.  Here's 2 recent necklaces I made that I think shouts out "elegance" but still has the steampunk flair to it.

The first necklace is old drawer hardware, that I made into a clasp in front with a dangling black chandelier crystal.

I think this look could go really classy!

My second example is a old clock gear, just over an inch across, with a Victorian bird motif and a vintage sapphire crystal hanging off of it.

I added a few accent crystals and I used the really delicate cog chain I have.  I love how this turned out and I'm seriously thinking necklace # 2 might become a "mine!"  I might dig around the stash a make a few more of these and "steal" one for myself.  It's based off a necklace I made for my bestie who is more of a bracelet and earring gal, so when I made her steampunk I wanted something that was not as heavy  for her. She told me she loves it, so maybe making one for myself so we can "match" would be fun.....

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