Wednesday, September 20, 2017

I'm on Court This Weekend.......

 Yeah, I know, I'm normally on 4th across from Hy-Vee, but this weekend is also Oktoberfest and that's being held exactly where I normally pitch my tent... so all the vendors on 4th South are getting moved to other areas of the market.  The fest doesn't start until 3pm or so, but they need time to set up!

My new spot is 207.  Now vendor spot # means nothing to you folks, so I'm about 4th booth in on the north side  from the corner of 2nd and court.   That means I'm in front of the parking ramp that's on 2nd and court.

 I've never actually been in this part of the market before.   Always an adventure, is Farmer's Market!! 
I've been making earrings mostly this week, with watch parts and other things.  I'm up to 13 for the week -- I've got about 6 more laid out and ready to assemble ( all the cutting, filing, holes and glue steps done) and then I'll probably get everything priced and see where I'm at.  I feel the itch to make a bigger project... so maybe I'll work on something like that.. or maybe I'll catch up on a novel.  It's almost the end of the show season for me and I'm getting tired.  I don't want to be down to the last dregs like I was last year.  Last year it took nearly a month before I really felt creative again.  I've been pacing it better this year, but still I'll probably take a few weeks off to reconnect with real life.

Not that real life is all that fun lately but still, it is what it is.

On that note, off to finish some earrings... see ya Saturday in a new place !!

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