Tuesday, December 26, 2017

next up, 2018!

So Christmas is done, and it was a good one.  I got some fantastic things and I hope I gave some stuff people really wanted. 

Hubby and I passed out some acts of kindness gifts ( just little things to hard working folks during this season, like wait-staff, the pizza delivery gal, etc)

I'm starting to think about my goals for next year... not exactly resolutions cause resolutions just seem to be statements of wish-fulfillment without any actual meat behind it, at least for me.  So I go for goals and break it down into step by steps with actual deadlines.. a much more proactive process than wishing.  Not that wishes aren't important too, but wishing and doing are two very different things.

The other part that's important is to make the goals attainable, and limited in number.  When you try to do too much at once you are setting yourself up for failure.

I've already got 3 ideas for goals for 2018 : start fusing glass again, get back to etching, and play with my new torch.

These are business or artistic goals.  I know I should probably think about personal goals, but I'm so much better meeting business goals than personal goals.   And last few years have been tough... I've taken a beating on emotional and health spectrums,  and lately I just feel tired.  Almost numb sometimes.

So I think I'll just stick to trying to make myself happy.  That means getting enough sleep is more important than washing dishes.  That means putting myself first at least some of the times, instead of everyone else.  That means if I want to read a couple of books each week for down time, that I have that right and it's not a pleasure marred by a self guilt trip.  That means being happy even if some of the people around me are not.  (like most women, I internalize responsibility for everyone's happiness -- a hopeless battle if ever there is one) 

On the home front, it looks like (finger's crossed) this summer might be the summer to redo the kitchen.  I might have my very own real live full size oven again for the first time in maybe 10 years?  I'm almost afraid to hope -- but with 2 incomes again, it's a strong possibility. 

So that's it for me.   Happy new years! 


Chelle said...

It is so funny, because I was just looking back and I did not complete one goal of the three I set this past year. And they were pretty basic ones too. But work just got in the way.. This next year I am making it a priority to set some time out for those same goals. LOL Remodeling sounds like fun.

CraftyHope said...

I'm totally with you in the keeping the goals simple for the year. I've tried in the past to have far too many and it just never works out. Last year I went for two little goals, but that also didn't work out. I like your idea to break things down into manageable steps. I'm glad that works for you and hope that you are able to achieve your goals in the coming year. Definitely make time for yourself and let the little things slide! Enjoy your 2018.