Thursday, March 15, 2007

Universal Soul I is done!

Universal Soul I is done, and I"m really pleased and proud how it turned out. I'm sooo excited by it I"m making a whole series of jewelry art, using the beads from Tera. I have 3 pieces finished, and 2 more I"m planning out. Universal Soul I is done, I need to run it through the tumbler for that final shine and polish is all. I've got it on simple chain, below is another picture showing the s shaped clasps. I love putting the clasp in front.. It looks good and it's soo much easier to put on and off. I also made all the wire components, including the s shaped hooks.
Universal Soul II are the matching earrings. When you are working with special, one of a kind beads, making earrings that both go with the pendant and look good in their own right is difficult, so I'm very please with these!! They are not 100% symmetrical, but they are "matched". I think that fits in nicely with the theme. I made square ear wires to go with them. I tell ya, I'm having more fun with my hammer than should be legal!

Universal III is a bracelet, which the pictures didn't turn out.. I'll try again and get it posted soon! It's a bangle bracelet, and it turned out great!! I'm working on IV now, and I just got it started, hopefully I"ll finish it this weekend. Here is a sneak peek:

hehehe, guess what Kat is making this time!

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