Friday, March 30, 2007

Week 13: Floating Dandelion

OK, last week I said this week would be week 12, floating dandelion, however I was confused.. it's actually week 13... anyway, this could also be called "fun with pliers" .. heheehehe.. trying to show off my earring w/o something to hang them on, I got creative with the pliers. Anyway, I've been playing with this design in my head for a few weeks now.. a way to make a really super dangling earring. I am looking for real movement here.. while this is a good try, I think in the future I'll modify the design alittle, twick it to get the movement I am looking for, but I think it makes a very elegant design.
This picture shows the dandelions, which I confess don't look all the dandelion.. for all the hundreds of flower beads I have, these made me think of dandelions the most, due to color and shape. I added green crystals cause I thought that looked good, and frankly all yellow is well, 2 yellow for me. The wire spirals I curved around to form a ring for the longer wire to hang on, think of a teeter toter. Next week the theme is April Showers.. so far I've not got any solid ideas, but I've got my sketch pad handy, waiting for the moment of inspiration. I think I"m going to buy a few more sketch pads ( I've got 3, 1 in my work bag, 1 in my bead bag and one on my desk in my studio) and salt them around the house and in the car, it seems lately I've had more and more ideas that I can't wait to put on paper, so I"m going to make the paper more accessible.

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