Thursday, April 5, 2007

YOJ: Week 14: April Showers

Well if your weather is anything like ours has been, gentle the rain is not!!! So April Showers to me meant cascades and sheets of rain, which gave me the idea for the necklace. I like the basic design-- and this is the way kewl part of doing YOJ! -- but I've got a ton of ideas now on similar but better ideas. I've got at least 3 variations down in my sketchbooks so far.. and more boiling around in my head!! In fact this weekend I'll probably redo the clasp, maybe make one, because I don't like the pewter on this piece... which is why I didn't take photos of it directly. But I wanted to get this posted, cause with the holiday and family plans I don't think I"ll get time til Sunday night, and I didn't want to post my first official week of YOJ late!!!! I really feel about about the asymmetrical design, I don't usually design like this, it's fun actually! The large drop crystal is vintage, and it's another first for me.. it's half drilled. I made the bail using 20 gauge wire, I did glue it in but I think the wrap is holding it as much as the glue. The seeds between the fire polish beads is vintage also.. satin cuts probably from the 20-30's. I love my vintage beads!!

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