Wednesday, April 11, 2007

YOJ: Week 15 Sea Foam

Not so much to say about this piece, I like it but I didn't get the "buzz" I got from week 14. I loved the materials I used... pearls ( got to love pearls!!! and what better to use on a sea theme!!) Japanese triangles for spacers, adventure 6mm rounds, and these great, irregular Chrysoprase triangle drops!! OK, so maybe I liked it better than I realized -- LOL! Oh and some crystals, just a few for some sparky. I love the clasp, I bought it at B & B last year, I only bought 2 or 3.. wished I bought more, they are so elegant yet with a modern flair.
I guess the different between last week and this week is last week I was really trying something new.. working on making the asymmetrical slant look just right. So I really got into the process, the techniques of making it. This necklace, I couldn't get a firm "hit" off the imagery of the challenge.. Drifting, Sea Foam, Rolling Waves. I finally remembered the chrysoprase I bought in Feb, and looking at them it did make me think of sea foam.. irregular shapes, the colors, the rocky, "dirty" parts... and I went from there. I'm really excited about next week: Ripples, Depths and Shallows. I've already got a couple of ideas, and one really good sketch of what I want to do, just not sure if I can do it like it's in my head. If I turns out like I like it will be me learning how to do something completely new to me! Can't wait to start!!! Have to though... life is dead center in the way right now, hopefully this weekend!!!

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