Saturday, November 10, 2007

YOJ: Week 45 Interconnections

Let's start out with 2 of my babies. Today Jupiter (18 lbs) and Jezzibell (19 lbs) are guarding the dirty laundry. Now why the are guarding the dirty laundry, I don't know. I asked them, this is the look they gave me. Cute though! The knee is of one of my other babies, my real baby, Jesscera.

OK, what can have more interconnections than chainmaile? Nothing!!! Last month I took a class in byzantine chain. I took it with my good friends from South Dakota on a road trip. We met in the middle, Omaha, NE. (Hi Cathie, Hi Sue! ) We had a blast! We set up a mini bead convention /sleep over in our hotel room. It took 3 carts ( one for each of us ) to get our stuff in the hotel room, the hotel staff thought we were nuts ( we are) and even asked us how many people were staying in the room. I'm not sure they believed us when we stated only 3. We stayed up too late, talking, beading and eating. Good fun by all! Anyway we start out the adventure with this class because Cathie wanted to learn it, and Sue and I were certainly agreeable. Here's the funny... I've sort of knew how to do it already, but I'd not tried it in 3 years. Sue likes to play with wire already. Cathie was sort of the wire "virgin" as she's not tried much as of yet. So of course she aced the class and caught on faster than the rest of us!!!! LOL. We all got the hang of it, it's actually one of the easiest to learn, and they showed us a couple of variations in class. We all ran out of rings finishing up projects in the hotel room that night! I ended up doing the variation. This bracelet is a keeper -- I made it with my good, good friends on a wonderful weekend (talk about connections!!!!) and it's darn gorgeous to boot. I used 8mm 5000 swarovski rounds in jewel tones. I made matching earrings, but I guess I didn't get a pic of them.. Also here is the 2nd bracelet I made that weekend, in black crystals. Aha! I have a pic of the earrings for that one! The black one is for the table. I can't wait until the next BeadCon with the gals!!
I've been wanting to do more with rings since.. I ordered some rings, but I got the AR (Aspect Ratio) wrong, but they worked great for another chain, called Queen's Link. Since I"m getting ready for the Waterloo Holiday Arts show ( tomorrow! ) I've been in a Christmas mood... watching Christmas favorites ( White Christmas, Love Actually, Holiday Inn, etc) and making mostly Simple Christmas items. Anyway, I used Aluminum rings to make this bracelet I call it "candy-cane" and it has a small pewter charm of a candy cane to boot. I'll be making more of these. Here are some pics of other holiday jewelry I've been working on the last few days! Wish me luck on tomorrow's show!

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