Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Week 46: ok, so I"m not on topic.... and odds and ends

Just a quickie to get caught up. I don't have a name for this one, I made it a couple of weeks ago out of copper. One of the mags recently had a scrolled project in it, this is my take. I've done it in 16 ga copper, I slightly flattened with a hammer before wrapping the coils, and then lightly afterwards. I added a vintage crystal from a chandelier. The finish on the crystal has turned slightly yellow with age, which in this piece I think really adds to it! I really like how it turned out, really need to play with this style of wirework more! I'm counting this as week 46. I will be on topic for 47, it's done, just haven't gotten the photo's ready yet, and with the holiday this week I probably won't have a chance til Sunday. I've also got a few pendants and one pair of earrings to show also. The first is a heart pendant, a quick and easy one with a vintage crystal, fun to make though. The 2nd is carnelian agate with black crystals. Earrings are based on an earring I found in Israel, before I made jewelry. It was a broken earring I found on the streets of Tel Aviv, and like a mag-pie I scooped it up. The earring had black glass bead from India instead of the vintage starlight crystal I used. I made my earring longer also, and added the extra scroll/spirals.... again another style to play with more.

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