Wednesday, February 13, 2008

YOJ Week 6: Aquarius

I'm not really happy with this piece. This weeks' theme is Aquarius or water carrier. Once again I'm having problems with sizing the pendant correctly.
This is huge! like 4-5 inches wide. While the design of aquarius is abstact to begin with, the way this turned out no one gets it. Jerry suggested a swashed spider. One of the gemstones for Aquarius is Lapis, so I made the dangle and the necklace out of lapis and sterling. I actually like that part. The pendant is 14 ga sterling that I wacked the heck out of, and then used my textured hammers to texture like the refections of a pond. That part I like... course any excuse to whack with the hammer is a good one! I used a metal hole puncher to make holes and chain to create the double wave. Matching earrings of course.

Now that I've got this posted, I'm seriously thinking of redoing it. Since it's "abstract" already, why not really go abstract, and redo the pendant. The worst that happens is I restring the lapis as just a necklace, and my silver scrap pile grows. If it comes out well I"ll post pictures, I'm hoping to redo this next weekend when my friends come to town to visit and have a weekend long beady session (hi Cathie! Hi Sue! I can't wait!! ) So if some Aquarius out there likes this, yell quickly ok?
I've been on a major art glass kick also, here is a springling of art glass pieces I've made this week. I really love the charm bracelet, I call it "black and white can be so charming". I started with chain, and added each link with left over scrapes of silver. A bunch of art glass, and a bunch of crystals, and some extra sterling dangles here and there... the clasp on this is interesting... when I tested the bracelet for strengh and wearablity, the ring on the toggle broke off!!! So I wired it on the chain, and actually I think it looks better that way. Major "cha-cha" factor on this bracelet!

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The bad Liz said...

Well, I guess that I am with Jerry - I didn't see Aquarius - more of a frog swimming (two legs, one with a pierced foot - okay I'll stop).

The hammering of the wire is great. And I love the bracelets!!