Sunday, February 17, 2008

YOJ Week 7: I love you

This week is simple but not so quick. In further explorations of using sheet metal, I used bracelet wire in sterling ( I think it's around 12ga, but it's about 1/4 inch wide) I cut it down it 1-1/4th inch, then used files to make rounded edges. I used my hole puncher to make the holes, and stamps to make the "I love you". Vintage ruby AB Swarovski seem appropriate with the theme. I used sanding sticks to try to polish out some of the file marks, I wasn't completely successful, it's something I need to work on. Over all I'm very pleased with these. I might try these again, but if I do I want to experiment with stamping on both sides, maybe "love yourself" on the back, and the " I love you" on the front.... I imagine these being a cherished and favorite Valentines day gift given to a woman by her hubby or BF. I've been playing quite a bit the past month, here are a couple of more things I've been making besides challenge pieces.
I've been wanting to explore the hinged bracelet for some time, and digging around in my trove of treasures ran across these Chinese crystals. They are vaguely triangular, which fit the idea nicely. The bracelet has lots of movement, very fun.. something to work on more in the near future I believe!

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GemmaBeads said...

Those Chinese crystals are stunning and your design really shows them off and compliments them. Well done!