Wednesday, June 4, 2008

YOJ: week 23: copper and sterling experiments continued and other goodies

I'm not really on topic again this week. Again I've been playing with mixing copper and sterling for interesting effects. This Time I've used copper wire in 18 GA and sterling wire in 22GA, twisting them together. I really like the effect, especially when paired with gorgeous silver mist jasper. The pictures really don't do justice on the stones... they have an almost tiger-eye effect in some places. My guess that's why it's called silver mist....

I've been playing with doing more Cabs with the "wire sculpture " style of Reuther Preston and others. Here are some examples, the cameo is actually a vintage plastic piece. The purple square is vintage glass, and the stone is I believe lapis.. but not sure.

This next piece is about color. I have this great big chunk of "cherry quartz" which is a fancy name for dyed.. anyway, the cut is pretty, and I really wanted to mix it up color wise. So some turquoise and vintage glass helps spice it up. The purple stones are fluorite. Last of all is a heart pendant. I really like this, and I guess my customers agree it's already sold! I think I used18GA or 16GA sterling silver wire, shaped and hammered to my heart's content ( yeah, I meant that pun) and and wire wrapped a pearl on the bottom and a bail on top. I need to make more of these!

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The bad Liz said...

Love, love, love the purple and turquoise earrings!! The heart is really nice, but those earrings.....Love them.