Monday, June 23, 2008

YOJ: Week 24th Winter Queen's Crown II

I have to be honest, this year's themes for YOJ just are not catching fire in my head. It's me, not the subjects. There are several things going on in my life, things I can't really explain but it's effecting everything about me, including my art. It's been a major effort to make any jewelry, let alone try to hone in on a particular theme. Normally art is my therapy, it makes ALL things better, like your mom kissing your boo-boos as a child. I'm not saying my art is only a band-aid for my mental wounds. Rather it acted like a balm, healing me in the moment and making me healthier, stronger for the next time. I miss that feeling. I guess I just spent a paragraph to say I don't feel very creative right now. I will just keep forcing myself to make things, and hope that I'll recapture that feeling. I need that Feeling back!!

Anyway, I looked through past projects to see if there was a theme I wanted to revisit.... and I found my first series of Winter Queen's Crown. ( )I felt at the time I wanted to explore this further. I think this bracelet turned out even better than the first one did. I think 1 year of practice and new skills shows. The hinging on this is much better and smoother than the first bracelet. Matching earrings of course. I felt better after I made this, it's the first thing in a month that felt right. I want to create a whole series of this: Winter, Fall, Spring, Summer. Time is an issue as always, and my wounded heart.

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