Saturday, September 6, 2008

Week 36: Opal Hearts

This weekend's is my daughters' 12th birthday party/sleepover with friends, so I 've only got a few minutes between shrieks, elephants running through the house, and feeding frenzies... at least they are having a good time, all though my achin' head will never be the same... LOL! This necklace is a series of heart shaped sterling links and opal crystals, or opulence glass. I didn't really get good pictures of this, in person it's really delicate and graceful looking. It's based on a design from Sharilyn Miller's book... only she goes for a heavier wire look.. I like the elegant style of this, it's light and airy. I used 20GA on the links, gently flattened them with my hammer, and then tumbled the whole piece for shinny shinny. I made 2 different earrings for this, both are pictured last. Most go feed the hordes again.

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