Sunday, January 18, 2009

Reorganizing my studio part II......

I started to reorganize my studio area in the attic in Dec ( you can see "before" pictures here: ) The before shots show my main bead area, the front area that I used mostly for storage, and the spare bedroom/storage for everything in the house. I'm not done exactly, but I'm getting there. The idea is that I would utilize all the attic instead of part of it. I want to create 3 areas for jewelry making instead of the 1 spot I have now, to reflect my growth as an artist and crafts person... I've picked up skills that have different space requirements. As I still do some seed beading and such, I wanted to retain my regular station also. So the day bed has been moved to the front of the area. I think of it as a couch for potential customers that might stop by. This front area has always been sort of "dead" space, as it's narrow and you can't block off access to the other 2 "rooms". I looked at moving one of my "stations" to this area, but it would make it soooo crowded to have to walk by it.. I want my Studio to be airy and open, as least as much as possible. My Attic is sort of like a fat, squat "T". Opposite the bed is the counter built over the stairway... if a potential customer is coming over I can spread out jewelry on the counter.

I've left my primary jewelry making area mostly alone, the biggest change is I moved the books to the other room where the bed used to be. This gives me more room for beads and material's, as my space was getting crowded. The picture below shows that space. I added a back table as one of the things I needed more of is just surface space to lay things/projects out. Notice my little oil heater.. the studio while I love it dearly, is cold, there isn't any heat up here. Notice my overflowing garage can, I need to clean my space like always! LOL
Here is leading into the "new" space, where the day bead used to be. (see my rolling mill on my counter... I love that thing!!!) The table is temporary, My dad is going to help us build a proper bench that will go here. Where the brown chair is will be my metal area, it's not completely set up yet. On the other side of the bench will be the lampworking area. Below is most of my lampworking stuff, including the glass organized and ready to go just as soon as the bench is set up! I've moved all of my lampworking books to this area also.

The last picture is the opposite side... this is where most of the books and magazines have moved to, and some general storage.

Once I get the bench set up proper I'll post that also!

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