Thursday, November 27, 2008

my current activity............

OK this is my studio in my home. these are pre photos.. I"m working on rearranging it, and we are going to move the basement tools up, so it's all in one spot. No more running up or down stairs! (well unless i need a sink, unfortunately Cannot move one of those upstairs) As you can see in photo 1, we have a bed.. that part of the studio has sort of been storage and a spare bedroom. No more! The torches are going in this area. Considering I've been making jewelry exclusively for 11 years now, I'm also getting rid of my other craft stuff. I've got fabrics, yarns etc down to just 1 crate, and I'm keeping my sewing machine, because sometimes that comes in handy, but the rest is going. I'm really happy about this, and cannot wait to get it finished, but it's likely to take me a few weeks to sort, clean and build a bench upstairs.

Happy Turkey Day everyone!!!!!

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