Saturday, November 8, 2008

YOJ Week 45: ok, so I'm off topic again!

I actually made this a while back but didn't get pictures up, and now I've got to make another one on commission, which got me to find my pictures! "Egyptian Coils" is made from 16GA copper wire. This took some doing , trying to figure out a way to do a traditional Egyptian coil pattern but on a watch that looked good. The problem ?? The coils don't butt up directly against the watch head.. which causes a ugly gap. In fact that's a problem with beading/wireworking a watch. You want the pretty pretty where people will see it.. but you have to be careful, because you still need the watch head to move free enough to shape on the wrist properly. I finally made a single spiral, with sort of a gentle curvy twist behind it, so the watch head can still pivot. Sometimes to make jewelry, a degree in engineering would help!

Here are just a couple of pendents made with dice and sterling wire... my hubby is a board gamer, and heck, everyone I know, including myself, has roll played and slung some dice at some point. I really like the purple one, the spirals stand out from the pendant, instead of flat around the bail.

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The bad Liz said...

Kat - those are really, really slick. I love the purple one.