Wednesday, June 17, 2009

New Computer arrived!

Got the computer yesterday, hopefully today or tomorrow we can get it set up and get it hooked to the Internet... can't wait! But until it's on the net and I have access to my pictures, no pictures to post...

Last weekend we had a show in Oskaloosa, IA and then another on Sunday in Mason City, IA. Both went fairly well, and Sunday's show had the best weather to date!

This weekend we have Snake Alley Art Fair in Burlington IA. I usually book the best price on hotels but Burlington Has a hotel with an attached waterpark... so I splurged and booked that instead. My daughter has been very good this year getting dragged to all these shows with us. She usually hides under a table and plays DS or reads or something... so a nice waterpark as a thank you seems very much the ticket! I've been doing shows for 6-7 years now, but in the past family have watched her or she's stayed at the occasional friend's house. This year we have lost the last of our babysitters, so now she's going to go to most of the shows whether she likes it or not. Dealing with a pre-teen can be trying, but really she's a good kid and I"m proud to have her as mine!

Speaking of the kid, a couple of shows ago we were right by a independent book store (The Book Worm in Omaha NE ), so of course we had to check out books at it! Got a couple for me and Jer, but they had a wonderful Kids' section... We picked up the first 2 in a series by Michael Buckley called "The Sisters Grimm" . I'm almost done reading the first one.. and it's wonderful!! If you have an 8 and up ( especially a girl) definitely pick them up.. I think there are 7 books so far in the series. I predict that my daughter will love these!

As soon as I have Internet access on the new computer I'll get some new pics up!

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