Sunday, June 28, 2009

Smithing Rocks!

Wow! I'm done with 5 shows in the month of June, no wonder I feel so tired! Despite the weather Jerry and I had fun selling my jewelry to very sturdy hardy art buyers, as almost every show in June featured rain or sweat drenched t-shirt humidity! Got to love Iowa this time of the year! I now have a couple of weeks of break... So yesterday was sort of piddle around the house and try to catch up on projects like dish washing and bills... ugh! LOL

So today I'm going to do something I've missed the past 6 weeks... playing with a torch and metals!! I'm very pleased that almost all my metal smithing pieces have sold.. which is just the excuse I need to make more! here are 2 pieces shown, both copper with sterling accents. The flower pendant is copper that I rolled in the rolling mill to get that lovely pattern on, then cut out the flower shape, and then I soldered a small 6mm Lapis cab. The bail is one of my spiral wirewrapped one. I do this bail on quite a few of my pieces, so much that one of my regular customers commented ( in a nice way!! ) it's practically my trademark!

In fact, you can see the same type of bail on my 2ND pendant of today, a large tear dropped shaped copper pendant with a cut out swirl in sterling soldered on. I'm very pleased with this as soldering sterling onto copper can be challenging... it's easy to get "sloppy" with solder, and you can see it much much easier on copper... and I did a heck of a polish on this one, hard to see in the photo but it just gleams!!!!

I'll have a few more to show in the next few days, of metalwork I made before my shows... right now I'm going upstairs to work on new metalworking pendants! woooo hooo! I hope everyone has as pleasant of an afternoon!

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