Saturday, July 25, 2009

One of my failures........

I don't admit failure often, but I'm yelling "Uncle!" on this one.

I started this back in October. the large circle pendant is a vintage pin that was missing one of the rhinestones and the pin back was broken.. I got it cheap at a flea market a few years ago, in a baggie of broken bits I've used in other projects over the year. I wanted to make something big... I was thinking maybe regency period ( think Pride & Prejudice) evening necklace... large, multi-stranded drapy pearl necklace with a large medallion and crystal drop.. dripping in pearls and crystals. I wanted something that screamed other than my time period... I ran across this pin again, and realized it would be prefect as my center piece! So I gathered my materials and went to work on the drop. Right away I ran into problems.. getting the drop to drape correctly.. I gave up ( for that week) and it went into my traveling pile of projects..

I always have a pile of traveling projects. I like to have projects already to go, in case I get invited to bead somewhere else, like a bead pot luck at one of the local shops, or over to a friend's house... all I have to do is grab my tools and a couple of projects and go! I sometimes hit my pile when I've hit a temporary block... or feel like beading at work ( on breaks /lunch of course!) instead of reading or something. Several of the projects are seed bead in nature as they travel well. I have a few repair jobs in there; and occasionally something like this pearl project, where I had a road block, so I'll kit it up and work on it later. Sometimes I just need time to think about it in my unconscious and I solve my problem! No such luck with this one....

Anyway, I pick it up again in Feb, and another rhinestone had fallen out of the pin. I found this one and I glued it back in, and work alittle on it. Same story a few months later... some more glue and I'm back in business. I also ran into problems on how to attach 3 to 6 strands of pearls to the pin that looked good... so I would put it away again.

I dug it out last week to work on again.. and this time I really wanted to get it finished. Once again, another rhinestone had fallen out, but this time I couldn't find it. I couldn't find a close enough match to the pin in my stash of rhinestones. So I'm stuck now. I cannot sell something missing a rhinestone! Also at this point I've re glued half of the darn things... so I'm afraid if I sell it another will fall out on my customer... not good. And I never did quite figure out how to get the strands draped evenly in the back... so lots of problems on this one.

Most importantly, I no longer have any desire to make this huge, drapy regency period thingie, though that might be a side effect to the problems I've had with this piece. sign.

I recently bought some resin to play with, typing this makes me wonder what the pin would look like if I glazed the whole damn thing so nothing else can fall out ( assuming I can find a match to the missing rhinestone) if it would look ok... hmmmmmm..... maybe it's time to dig through the rhinestone stash again, maybe I missed something........

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