Sunday, November 29, 2009

Done with Shows, now I'm teaching.....

My last show for the year went very well, but I'm glad I'm done for awhile! I spend the day cleaning and putting things away in my studio. Boy, did it need it! I get so busy when I'm doing shows back to back, I never seem to put things away right. I tripped over some projects I didn't have time to work on, I'm researching kilns ( and hoping to own one by the end of the year!) and looking forward to brushing off my lampworking and metalsmithing skills. I've got ideas dancing around in my head, and I can't wait to get them.

I'm not completely foot loose and fancy free however, I'm going to be teaching a class at a local bead shop, my original design of wreath and earrings for Christmas! If you are in central Iowa check it out, here is the class link.. my class is on December 8th. It will be loads of fun!

I'll be working on my website and networking as well. Look for new sale items coming soon!