Saturday, November 14, 2009

Today Des Moines, Tomorrow Waterloo....

Today had a show at a local venue, and while traffic was slower than I would have liked, I had a thoroughly pleasant day. I had a great space, it allowed me to put up most of my normal displays and my special Christmas display, and I had a nice little space to demo. Most art shows I have a back table where I'll make adjustments, but since it was a low traffic type of setup, I put my table in front. I made 4 pendants and 1 pr of earrings while chatting w/ fellow vendors and customers, and generally having a great day. Sooo.. while oodles of money is great, having a nice, laid-back type of show has it's benefits. Tomorrow I'll be at Waterloo Holiday Arts, from 9-4pm. I've been at this show in the past and it's a great variety if you are in the area. They always have lovely food and baked goods, which is part of fun-raiser, so you know if you by cookies for charity, they have no calories.. a little known fact!

I'll try to have pictures next time, blogger is being fusing right now. Hope to see you in Waterloo!

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