Friday, July 9, 2010

Earrings on my brain...

This first pair is made with PMC. I made a bunch of "charms" a few months ago, and I'm just now diving into that pile and making things with them! I love this 2nd pair, there is a story behind them! These are a redo... I had made these as an experiment, and the pearls were wrapped directly on the ear hook part. They looked pretty good, the hook was long and straight down. (I wish I had a picture, I don't think I'm describing it well) Unfortunately, while the earrings looked great, they were unconformable, the long hook poked the customer in the face! Now it's possible that they would have worked for another customer with a different face shape, but I'm all about wearable art, and I want only HAPPY customers. So instead of taking the chance, I redid them. I turned the hook into a twisty wire wrap around the pearl, added a cute swirly part and presto! cute, WEARABLE earrings that anyone can enjoy!
This last pair I just made in the last couple of weeks, and haven't shown up yet in a show, I might have to dig them out for tomorrow's West Glen Farmer's Market . These are vintage Japanese glass cabs wrapped in sterling wire. It's hard to wrap cabs for earrings, but boy, what fun!

Anyway, West Glen tomorrow is my last show until August! I'm super busy with family and work these coming weeks, but don't worry, I'll make time to make more great stuff!


Kat's Custom Kreations said...

Love them ALL!!!!! You should buzz on over here and show us how to do PMC...we have a kiln and have yet to fire it up. ACK!

Kat BM said...

hey no problem, that is if Iowa was closer to Florida!!! LOL