Saturday, July 3, 2010

glass bowl updates

Farmer's Market went really well today! The weather was perfect, everyone was happy to have such good weather... just a good time had by all! I even had a "moment" you know, that perfect little section of time that crystallizes as a permanent favorite memory in your head? This morning just around 7am (when the market opens) I was trying to finish my set up, as I always run alittle late at Farmer's Market. It usually takes me a good 90 minutes to get completely set up to my satisfaction.. tent, displays and jewelry... but Farmer's Market I have just around 1 hour. So I'm always pressed for time when the Market first opens.

Anyway, I'm trying to do all the last minute touches that make a booth a home for 5 hours, and I hear this guy on saxophone, playing "oh what a beautiful morning" . Man, it ever was! Later in the morning, when I got a chance to walk around I gave the guy a nice tip... it was just perfect hearing that song, on a saxophone no less, right at that moment.

I really love that song, I always have ( it's from Oklahoma, great musical, and I have a thing for musicals) but I"m never ever going to look at that song in quite the same way again. From now on, when ever I hear or think of that song, I'm going to hear that saxophone.

Anyway, on to less than perfect, here are pics of my finished blue bowl. The inside pattern didn't work as well as I hoped, but I have ideas on how to improve that for the next time.

I'm very pleased that my circle is much more of a circle this time, and the edges turned out great! I'll be doing more bowl in the future, and at some point I'll hopefully be willing to sell them. For now, if you are a family or friend, you can pretty much guess what Christmas/Birthday presents will be for the next year or so! LOL

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