Thursday, December 16, 2010

And how much wrapping paper is on your floor?

I'm really getting in the mood to make jewelry... I even got upstairs to the studio last night.. and spent my time wrapping Christmas gifts! LOL First I had to clean up the studio -- I had tail end projects, commission stuff, unwrapped presents and a school project left overs all over my day bed and floor. I had to clean my studio just to find all the presents I need to wrap! I got about half of the presents wrapped.. but we have a couple more boxes scheduled to show up in the next few days. Maybe by this weekend I can work on something I want to work on! At least now my studio is picked up ( if not clean) and I can find the bows again. My day bed is covered again, but in an orderly fashion with neat piles of wrapping paper & bows and bags, and the remaining presents to wrap are lined up (and covered with a blanket -- no peeking in my house!)

Right now I'm seriously into brass stampings mixed in with a sprinkle of vintage jewelry. My brain keeps designing things, and I'm sketching like a mad woman.. Since I can't "play" here are close up of some of the earrings I made a couple of weeks ago. Brass stampings from B'Sue.

This necklace the feathery plume is from B'Sue, the back circle is Vintaj and I'm happy to brag the star circle is one of my own Bronze clay pieces. The star is from a vintage button I made a mold of for clay.

sign.. that gives me another idea, where did I put my sketchbook?

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