Friday, December 31, 2010

it's almost 2011? Do you know where your resolutions are?

New years seems to = resolutions that fizzle within 3 weeks. In an effort to avoid this, I'm trying to set reasonable and OBTAINABLE ones, with extra time to complete them..

I won't bore you with my personal goals, they involve better health.

I already shared one of my business resolutions -- new items each week in my Artfire studio. I've already picked out 5 items to list .. My normal plan is to list each Monday evening, but I'm so excited about some of my new pieces I might just do it this weekend. As part of that goal, and sort of a goal of it's own I want to keep my blog fresh and updated. I'm very pleased how well I did blogging in 2010, so I guess this is a "maintenance" sort of goal. At least I know I can do it since I've done it before!!

I'm cleaning out my picture file from 2010, so my blog will be "new" stuff.

First on top is a pendant I made in November using a mix of Vintaj and non Vintaj brass stampings and one of the Bronze clay pieces I did early last year. I love the plume stamping.. I got a measly dozen of them, I predict I'll get more in the future. I bought more bronze clay, it's something I definitely want to play with more. I also purchased bronze wire for wrapping, and if you haven't notice the trend here in the blog, I'm having great fun with brass stampings and predict that will continue in 2011.

Here is another Vintaj brass item, with a steampunk vibe. These earrings sold at the first show I had them at.

This wire wrapped watch is in sterling wire. I was quite pleased when I made it, back in May! I kept meaning to do a long blog on it, never got around to it, so the pics have sat in the file all this time. The watch sold months ago. (however like always, I'm happy to take a commission to make something similar just for you!)

this pendant is in sterling silver, I've made versions of this before, I just love the look of a tear drop frame around a tear drop stone! The stone swings in the frame, which just adds to the charm. I love movement in my pieces.

Happy New Years everyone!!

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