Thursday, June 2, 2011

What's on the Desk (from Tues.. yep running late!)

Using brass Filigree, I made a wrap for my handmade fused glass cab.. once I picked one that worked for me ...

It's actually hard to use filigree on my fused glass, as they are free form the size isn't standard -nor is the shape.. course that's why I love them!!

I wanted something that looked like a couple of butterflies just stopped by to investigate... the colors of the necklace are in the cab, which is hard to see in these pictures.

Here's another shot of the finished necklace.. which will be proudly displayed for sale at Countryside Art Fair this weekend.. if you are in the Omaha area stop by!

1 comment: said...

What lovely pieces, i loved the butterfly ones. I don't want ot forget top say that your blog is amazing. Thanks!