Thursday, December 8, 2011

I must pick the perfect book today....

It's been a hell of a week.... had a good show, came home, got sick, hubby got sick. I got well but he's got a more serious issue, a kidney stone.

He's had one before last February. With that one he had pain during the night, finally couldn't keep still and hurt so much he woke me up and had me take him to the emergency room. I've never been so shocked.. this guy just doesn't feel pain like a normal person, so for him to be in pain enough to bring it up, let alone trot him to the emergency room??? It was down right scary, especially as we weren't sure yet what the problem was. Sure, a kidney stone was a good possibility, but if you haven't had one before, how would you know for sure??

It's beyond belief that something the size of a sesame seed can cause this kind of pain.

Several hours at the hospital ( and a morphine drip) he passed the stone. Regretfully he didn't catch it in the strainer ( if you don't know, don't ask.) The doctor stated he might have them from time to time or never have the problem again.

So this past Sunday morning at the show he woke up with back pain. It didn't take long to figure out he had another kidney stone. After a couple of hours, he felt better, so we assumed he passed the stone, just like last time.

Monday I woke up feeling crappy.. and so did Jerry. This time he vomited, and by the end of the day we were back in the emergency room for another several hours and a morphine drip. This time it didn't pass at the hospital. Damn.

They could see the stone, and advised him (again) he would probably pass it in a day or 2, but if he didn't then they recommended a urologist for further steps.

So a visit to the emergency room and to a urologist, Jerry in major pain off and on this week, and I had a virus or something, and all the normal stuff in our daily lives... this week has been fun.

He still hasn't passed the stone, so this morning he has lab work and this afternoon they will surgery remove the stone. If everything goes well, he comes home today. It's not considered a risky procedure, but all surgery has risks.

So I need to keep my mind occupied today. I need that perfect balance of a book, one that takes me away from my anxiety about my husband yet allows me to snap back to reality in an instant if need be. Something that will last 5 + hours during all of this mess. Should I reread something tried and true, or something unread before, but by a reliable author? Take a chance on something completely new?(you would not believe the books on the "to be read" pile on our TV right now.. so I took the picture as proof)

Cause I need to shut off my brain. I have a creative mind, it insists on running through all the possible permutations of today, when all I want to think of is fast, easy and completely successful surgery. And a speedy, complication free recovery. Or I don't want to think at all.

I think I'll take extra books just in case the first one doesn't work.

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