Sunday, December 4, 2011

Post show notes and fusing in my future

The Show in Iowa City this weekend went pretty well considering the economy, half of the show was jewelry ( though I'm pleased to report only 1 was most certainly buy/sell .... most of the jewelry was just out of this world) and always not fun unload /load up at this building. ( 100 odd artists and only maybe 10-12 "official" loading spaces)

We had a group shop lifting today around 230pm or so, they got us for 1 bracelet, 2 pendants and 1 pair of earrings.

I'm never happy when things walk out of the booth without getting paid, but it is just part of the business. Most of the time, after almost 15 years of doing this, you just shrug and move on. I think overall I've been lucky, as it really doesn't happen that much.. I will say it seems to happen more in winter shows.. I don't know if this is how some folks shop for Christmas or if it's something about being inside instead of outside, or if being crammed into a small space we just can't watch as well.

I really hate shoplifting, but at least this time they didn't take any of my "best" pieces. You always have pieces that mean more to you, are like little pieces of your soul. It's hard to be all "professionally" detached like I am today when it is something you really put your heart into. I mean I love everything I make, but realistically some pieces mean more.

Right now it's probably the etched pieces I'm making that would hurt me the most if they walked away. I like some of the new cuffs so much I almost didn't put them out for sale!

Speaking of love... now that I'm done with shows for at least a couple of months, now I can really devote time to playing with glass again. I made this bowl last weekend, it's kind of quirky but I like it.. I hope to make another this weekend. I also want to make more fused cabs, and play with glass clay. I've got a bunch of ideas ... and without shows on the horizon I can afford to have some play time!

my new bowl upside down

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