Monday, May 28, 2012

I'm Baaaack........

This one sold at Farmer's Market 5/19/12
Did you miss me??

Don't answer that.

A couple of folks wondered why I needed to skip the blog for so long ( it's nice to feel wanted!) and the simple answer is just too much stuff going on.  My Daughter's play.  Our first every Garage Sale ( and while it went fantastic, it's probably our last ... it's soooo much work!! ) Shows every weekend.  Family and friend's graduations.  Minor health issues.  All the normal assorted zaniness that is my life. 

I'm hoping to get back on Schedule for the next 2 months, and then I'll be taking another break for the family vacation to end all family vacations!! ( more on that in the future)

That means I should be blogging every Monday, Wednesday and Saturday.  Granted I might be off a day here and there ( for example this weekend is Countryside Art Show in Omaha, so my blog for Saturday will probably be late.... )

So with that in mind, here are pics of my weatherstripping cuff design.  I've made 4 now so far, and one is listed up on Etsy .  When we were getting ready for the garage sale Jerry dug out all kinds of interesting items from the basement to sell.  One of them was an old package of  weatherstripping made in bronze sheet.  Needless to say that didn't make it to the sale pile....

I've textured and added heat patina to the strip, backed it in scrap/ recycled leather and reinforced with 14GA copper wire.

I love the colors on this one! I've backed it in fuchsia suede

My 4th cuff in progress.  I decided to put the copper swirls more in the middle on this one

This one is up at Etsy!
The resulting cuffs are fun, comfy, and light-weight. 

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