Wednesday, June 13, 2012

I adore the mail-person!

She brings me such nice things!!  Since shows have started I feel free in buying at least a few small inventory items, mostly from Etsy.  I bought another mixed lot of brass super cheap, and it has some wonderful pieces in it! I've got a bunch of butterflies, little tiny charms perfect for earrings ( anyone want earrings with seed packets on it? I've got seed packet brass charms now...) even a few larger filigree pieces.  Well worth the money! The find of the lot ( at least so far... I only gave myself 15-20 minutes to look) are little Egyptian charms.  I love love love all things Egyptian and these are definitely older stock!
2 lbs of raw brass.  oh joy!

my favorite brassy-bits.. there are at least 3 in the lot, 2 go into my private stash... to someday become my next favorite pair of earrings!

 Another recent purchase old watches.  Now on Etsy you can buy all kinds of old watches, but what drew me to this lot is one of the watches she dug up!! KEWL!   The archaeologist in me couldn't resist a watch that was buried in the earth for who knows how long!  I do actually use the bits in my jewelry, the last pics shows jewelry I made last week with watch parts incorporated.  Best thing about buying things like this, Jerry really enjoys helping me pull them apart!  I love when I can get Jerry to actually enjoy something about me making jewelry!
I bought this lot of watches and parts off Etsy
Jerry is enjoying helping for once.. he's helping with taking apart watches

Working on the old watch that was buried.  I love how this looks!
A couple of the watch bits really drew my artist inner eye... I want to run upstairs and make something... however Wednesday is catch up on the house/bills/Internet stuff day.  I've got the kitchen in progress, and I'm going to start in the downstairs toilet just as soon as I'm done with this blog ( ugh) (despite my Laissez-faire attitudes towards housework in general, I cannot stand to let the toilets get icky)  

Maybe If I'm really good and get going I can make it up there by 930pm.  Hum....... Got to go!

These pieces have watch parts incorporated in the design

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