Monday, June 18, 2012

Random Thoughts

Despite the shoplifting, last weekend was our best farmer's Market ever for sales.  woot!

My show schedule is updated through August now... you can see it here and me in person this coming Weekend at Wayzata Art Experience

I still think "Zombie fitness" whenever I see "Zumba fitness" on the TV.  I still think it would be more eentertaining to watch.  Just think, how much exercise you would rack up being chased by Zombies!!  (OK, maybe too entertaining to actually do, but to watch?? )

I'm still getting used to the new blogger interface.  I only figured out how to add labels last week.  Before you just typed them in ( it was Sensibly at the bottom of your blog entry, how it's a menu window at the side that I managed to ignore for 3 months, wondering where the labels when and maybe you couldn't do it anymore at all. In plain sight.  I missed it.  3 months.   ugh)  I still prefer the old way.  I'll probably still prefer the old way when this new way changes again in a year or two.  And at some point I should go back and add labels to the last 3 months of blogs.  double ugh.

My asthma is getting worse.  Drat.

I do not honestly understand why people are against gay marriage.  I just don't get it.  It's not in me to understand the objections.  And I can't stand when people are like " oh gays are fine, but they can't get married" If gays are OK, then they should have all the rights everyone else has.  So if you are against gay marriage, at least some part of you cannot tolerate homosexuality.  And if you think you can be against marriage equality but gays are OK, you are lieing to yourself as well as everyone else.

Course what do I know, I"m just a walking womb. (OK, don't get me started on this one, or this random thoughts will become a very directed rant )


My studio chair needs to be replaced asap.  crap.  I hate spending money on a new chair (I'm checking out craigslist for a good used one) but a good chair that hold my body at the proper height and angle are essential to making jewelry.  I have a neck injury from a auto accident several years ago.  If my back isn't supported properly I get the worst headaches. 

I'm 43 years old and still learning to accept myself as I am, not as I wish ( or other folks wish) I was.  I hate being reality based.

I have the most beautiful daughter ever, and I can get away with saying this because she never reads my blog.  heheheheh

------------------- This random thoughts blog was brought to you by the Free Association of Free Associators. 

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AliMc said...

I completely understand the chair thing, I have neck issues to and HATE that headache. Hope you find a great new seat soon :)