Monday, September 24, 2012

No shows for a month

There is a bunch of stuff going on in my family right now.. nothing that we won't muddle through, but stuff.

I've been running non stop the last month prepping for shows, trying desperately to fill in inventory holes, make sure we have enough supplies in bags, boxes, etc for each show, and then during the shows being "on" and sell jewelry.  Lots of time in the car traveling.

etc etc etc etc.  It's not just that I've been so busy with the business, there is the other stuff, and of course all the normal stuff of modern life.

What I'm trying to say here is I'm burnt out, tired, stressed and finally getting over a cold.  I need a break. 

Fortuitously I get one... I don't have a show now til late October. 

Best of all, one of 2 of my bestest buddies, Cathie, is coming for a visit this week. I can't wait!! I need some best friend time, and it sounds like she does too.

We will stay up too late, talking and eating too much, laughing our fool heads off, and possibly even a few cleansing tears. We get to go shopping, we get to make stuff together, and reconnect... we haven't seen each other since Feb!

She's coming in Thursday, and leaves Sunday.

After our visit, I'll get my nose to the grindstone again.

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