Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Random Deep Thoughts (with a dash of light and fluffy)

I'm giddy with excitement -- in less than 24 hours I will see one of my best friends for a long weekend.  I can't wait!

I'm even cleaning ( and I've got the whole family involved in it... you would think it's the annual Thanksgiving diner cleaning!!)

I'm so damn tired of political ads already.   And some of them are sooo stupid!  One recent ad claimed that if you elected this one person as your representative then she would turn around and support President Omaha once elected.  GASP!  Since she's the democratic candidate, I'm not sure what the point of this attack ad is.  Stating the obvious? 

  Several of my designs feature rainbows, and I've been asked from time to time if it's because I support gay rights.   I'm delighted  if someone wants to buy a rainbow design to show support, but the truth is I love rainbows.  I love colors.  I think everyone should wear rainbows.. they are cheerful and put one in a good mood.  What more could I want of my jewelry?  And that rainbows mean more to some people, that's just gravy on the mash potatoes!

And yes, I support Gay Rights.  

8 states now allow gay marriage, and shockingly, the sky hasn't fallen in.  Seriously, I'm proud to be in a state that allows it.  I think marriage is wonderful, if you marry the right person.. and if right person is the same sex as you, what does it matter? I've never understood why it does to some people.  I just don't.  Love is love is love.

Course I don't get the whole not liking a person because they are gay.  Course I don't really get most discrimination.. other than it's fear on the discriminator's part.

Walking Dead starts back in a few weeks! woot!  I love zombies, and this show is one of the best ever... mind you I"m too scared to watch zombies by myself.. fortunately Jerry likes zombie flicks as well and watches with me.  Good Hubby!

Des Moines Zombie walk is Oct 13th (the day before Walking Dead season 3 starts)  Jerry and I had a great time last year (we were zombies in love.. made up and holding hands for most of the 2 mile walk!) I'm  not sure if we can make it this year, but if you are in the area check it out... lots of fun and it's for charity!  So join the undead to help other people live better!  Or stop by and watch, and donate a few bucks. 

and remember, brains are not just for zombies.

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