Monday, October 1, 2012

Girls Weekend and Des Moines Is not Boring

I had such a good weekend!! My friend Cathie came down to hang out with me and we had a blast!! She came in Thursday and we went shopping in Valley Junction ( the home to 3 bead stores) and walked around the valley Junction farmer's Market. Then we collected the rest of the family/friends and ate out... spent the rest of Thursday night chatting, making jewelry, and generally having a fab time.
Fri was our "pj" day where we didn't leave the house... ordered in Chinese.. yum! and did more jewelry in the studio.. Sat I dragged her out to Down Town Des Moines Farmer's Market ( which is nationally ranked and huge and fun --- it's nice to go one in a while when I'm not vending myself.. and getting up at 4am!), east village, and for lunch Cosi Cucina, my favorite Italian restaurant in town ( and the place all other pasta joints are measured against) . Cathie had a calzone and it was beyond wonderful... the bread to meat/cheese/etc ratio was perfect, which is to say it was more meat/cheese/etc than bread.
I had my favorite, chicken alfredo. They have the best alfredo sauce. The generous servings means we had diner of left overs as well.
Saturday I showed Cathie how to solder, use heat to make patina's on brass and copper, and ball head pins. She had a blast playing with my torch.
Sunday she left around 3pm after more bonding over findings and beads.
During this weekend, I could have dragged her to kewl and interesting things around Des Moines 24/7 and not run out of things to do, let alone get any jewelry making time in.
For all those who think Des Moines is boring... phooey to you.
Looking for ideas of what do? you can check here and here......

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