Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Ogres Queen's Necklace aka the typewriter necklace

Remember last week the guys were taking apart a royal typewriter from 1935?? This is the first piece from the parts....

Why do I call it the Ogres Queen's Necklace?

Well they look like teeth.  With holes.  60 odd pieces exactly the same from a vintage Royal typewriter.


I knew I wanted to make a necklace with the "teeth" dangling down, like glittering trophies.  Now who would wear something like that? My brain immediately thinks some mythical creature would, and it's from a royal typewriter, so it's got to be someone important... so why not a Ogre Queen?

I played around with different chains to dangle the teeth from. I ended up using a chainmail pattern that I modified with black rubber "o" rings... the caterpillar chain.

I added "o" rings in front of each teeth, I just think it looks better. 

Now it doesn't really look like a Ogre Queen's necklace.. I mean a real Ogre Queen's necklace with teeth would still have blood and maybe the heads attached.  But still, it's a great name so it's sticking.

It has great weight ( the silver colored rings are aluminum so it kept the necklace from getting too heavy) and it looks very industrial and modern. 

By the way, the "teeth" were spacers bits to set the margins on the typewriter.  They are all the same but have subtle wear in different places. 

Close up of the finished necklace
working out how to put this together

close up... doesn't this look like a tooth? with a great big cavity?

it drapes beautifully

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