Saturday, October 6, 2012

Flea Market Finds

This is my Birthday Weekend, and it's been simply lovely so far!  (OK if you ignore the current job situation it's been lovely, but why dwell on the bad stuff eh? )  One of my most favorite things to do is garage sales/antiquing/thrift stores  .. so Jerry ( and baby too) and I hit some garage sales ( scored some paperbacks for a quarter apiece) and then out to the fair grounds for the flea market.  

If you are not familiar with the Des Moines Flea Market at the fair grounds, then you are *crazy* for missing it.  It's got to be one of the largest in the state.  It's free... and it has baked goods amongst the vintage goodies, how can you go wrong??

very kewl pocket watch, I'm guessing 1920's... but I can't find specific info.. more below
Since Jerry and I are in tear apart mode, we kept an eye out for watches ( I 'm actually quite low on faces ) and small vintage appliances.  Not much luck on the appliances, but we hit the watch bonanza!  I had a strict budget.. I brought a small amount of cash with me and once that was gone I would be done.  (I"m very pleased to say I actually have a few bucks left over)  I haggled over everything we bought, and I talked them down.. which I personally love to do, so bonus points on that.

Then we went to Transylvania Hotel (very cute) and ate dinner at my Mom and Dad's and had cupcakes.

When we got home I started to look over my newest treasures and discovered the pocket watch is even more interesting than I figured... the case is marked 18K on the inside. 

wow!  So I did a pinch of research (here is one of the sites.. very interesting reading!)

I'm pretty sure it's a knock off of a famous watch company -  Roskopf .

The interesting thing is even if it's a knock off it's possible it's valuable... the knockoffs where made at the same time period as the Roskopf , and judging by the crown (windy mechanism on top of the watch)  I"m guessing it's from the 1920's.  (the Roskopf company made changes to the crown in the 1920's and this matches the change... hence my uneducated guess)  Still, if it's truly 18K gold it's worth quite a bunch just for that.  If it's just plated brass, then it's darn pretty which is why I bought it and it's well worth the $3.00 it cost me.  (yes, I really am good at haggling)

But I've got a pretty good feeling it's 18K... and here is why... the watch got wet at some point in the past, and there is rust and spotting in the watch movement.  (not a lot, but there is some)

The case is not rusted or spotted.. or that ugly dark look brass can get when it tarnishes. 

At this point I  almost hope it's plated.. cause then I can use all of it without guilt.. if it's really 18K then I'll probably have to sell the casing for cash.

I know, I'm a strange creature.

My plans tomorrow are very agreeable also... lots of studio time and Jerry is washing at least *some* of the dishes this weekend.  (this would be the first time in maybe 5 years?)

The dishes thing alone is heaven and makes this a special birthday!!!!

(now if he would only do toilets..)

the whole haul, mostly watches.  woot!

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